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Artist: Dru Down f/ Bad Azz, Kurupt
Album:  Gangsta Pimpin'
Song:   Giving Up Nuthin'
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[Dru Down]
You got me ready to put it down like this bitch, in a real fashion
If you scared don't listen, I'm not lookin' for federal attraction
Hoe I'm smashin' on you, and your whole crew 'cause I love you
But fuck you, you gon' make a nigga straight up buck you

I ain't no busta so don't play me like no fool on the streets
All I need is a piece, and somethin' to eat
Havin' flashbacks of times, big pimpin', big riches
Gamin' up all the little and big bitches

[Dru Down]
About the riches, I wants to bury mine in ditches
For the penny pinchers, fuck all hoes that's out to get ya
This here is business, because that ass you can't protect
Take it like a real woman, bend over doggystyle bitch

Yo homie I'm a fool when it comes to the game
Takes all a nigga got not to blast off shots
So I'ma just stay calm and remain composed
Cause it's the same old story just different hoes


[Bad Azz]
Money-money-money and bitches to go with it
And guns for those niggaz who think they gon' get it
Gain power and control, all eyes surveyin'
Be respected by those who ball over me
Movin' conspicuous, capitalize on legal tender
Money circulates with any race or gender
You into life or knowingly playin' close to death
And the grind only occupy time before death

[Dru Down]
We rockin' up rocks, while my woman at the spot
On the block, down comes the door - at least 15 cops
She didn't know never, I shoulda know better
But I gots to get the cheddar
No matter however, whatever it's gon' take
Cause I can't go broke, that means you gon' break
That's for the false fake, that's why I gots to
keep me a down bitch on the list with a grip, for real bitch

Man she's bad to the bone plus deadly as sinai
Rollin' in a G-ride with a half a bird inside
On the way to drop the stock off, in case it pop off
Got a glock to top off, there's a twister to drop off
Sensual, seductive, a bad lil' bitch
I don't want a lot baby just a little bit
Me and the homies dippin' in cruise ships
Dru Down and Bad Azz, Kurupt and Daz