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Artist: Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde
Album:  Fast Life
Song:   Fast Life
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   Verse 1
   Now fast life cut him like a knife
   And this sad story is not so nice
   About a fast young kid who was full of tricks
   Growin' up too slick and much too quick
   A real smart kid, but never went to class
   He was too busy out there jettin' fast
   Told all the kids that school was square
   He did the things that they wouldn't dare
   No Pacman, Donkey Kong or game of tag
   Cos he was too busy scramblin' nickel bags
   Didn't have no morals and showed no shame
   And he didn't grow up playing childhood games
   Cos what he sees is all he knows
   And his heart's in the street, where anything goes
   I'm talkin' drugs and dope, crime and corruption
   The kid is headed for self-destruction
   (Fast Life) He likes to wheel and deal
   (Fast Life) He likes to rob and steal
   (Fast Life) How long can a good thing last?
   (Fast Life) Hey boy! Don't you jet so fast!
   Verse 2
   Now by the age of twelve he was pullin' strings
   And he had his hand on everything
   Doin' crazy things to impress his friends
   He stole the keys to a brand new Benz
   Got behind the wheel, it was just for fun
   And then he saw the cops and then he started to run
   And like a chase scene from a movie script
   He hit the gas and then he started to dip
   And like the Knight Rider on TV
   Huh, the kid came speedin' down the street
   Didn't see that lady with her child
   He tried to turn but the car went wild
   She saw that car and then she started to shout
   But it slammed into her and it took 'em out
   He's too young to be in a life of crime
   Any other kid, it's their bedtime
   Repeat Chorus
   Verse 3
   By the age of thirteen he'd set the scene
   He was trying to make some heavy green
   Started selling cocaine and bundles of dope
   Money became his only love
   To make cold cash was his vow
   He was the man with the plan, the big guy now
   He said, "I'm not down where Reagan's planned
   So I might as well take all I can"
   But that savage ghetto mentality
   Is the kind that keeps you in the street
   I said, "Hey fast kid, why don't you use your head?
   Cos if you don't you'll soon be dead"
   Repeat Chorus
   1,2,3,4, hit it!
   Verse 4
   Well fast kid, you could use your brains
   Or get 'em knocked out with bats and chains
   You knew it all but you never learned
   You played with fire, and you got burned
   Cos if you deal, then you must play
   And if you borrow, then you got to pay
   And you gotta pay back with no delay
   Or six feet under you will lay
   One day while standin' on the rooftop
   The kid got cornered by the cops
   Homeboys were sayin', "I told you so
   What a lowdown shame, what a way to go"
   Now it is told, and it is said
   That at his grave his tombstone read
   "He lived too fast and lost his stride
   He should of grew up before he died"
   (Fast Life) How long can a good thing last?
   (Fast Life) Hey boy, don't you jet so fast
   (Fast Life) At the end of a shotgun blast
   (Fast Life) Your future could be your past
   (Fast Life) [Repeat to fade]