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Artist: Driicky Graham
Album:  Snap Backs & Tattoos (S)
Song:   Snap Backs & Tattoos
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{A-A-Arch Tha Boss, let's go}

[Chorus: Driicky Graham]
Snap backs and tattoos, snap backs and tattoos
Nice whips, fly chicks, all dat cause cash rules 
Snap backs and tattoos, snap backs and tattoos
Nice whips, fly chicks, all dat cause cash rules 
Uh, show off ya hats, show off ya tats
Show off ya arms, legs, chest, show off ya backs
Snap backs and tattoos, snap backs and tattoos
N-N-Nice whips, fly chicks, all dat cause CASH RULES...
[Driicky Graham]
Okay now snap backs and tattoos, rap fat I'm that dude
My backpack got cash that, I make a ass clap like tap shoes
I'm in-ter-natio-nal, y'all nig-gaz vaginal
I pass through, fresh to death, you've now entered swag school
Ladies holdin kisses, swagger cold as sickness
#TeamDriicky tatted on 'em, cause they ass is so ridiculous
In the Masi', paparazzi, man they can't control the pictures
New, M.O.B. tat, screamin money over bitches
My, clothes and tats they're all custom though
Something that you ain't accustom to
Don't collapse with the Huxtables
Hoes like hats, they adjustable
This is for my ladies and my fellas gettin gravy
witcha bodies marked up, like the train back in the 80s'
I, been through the test, now I'm ink in my chest, tryin to triple my checks
I spend through the rest, buyin a Mitchell & Ness, fly and it fit you the best
From NY to LA, North Cackalack to Baton Rouge
All across the latitude, everybody rockin' them...


[Driicky Graham]
In my hood, they wear them snap backs and tattoos 
Clack clack and snatch jewels
Pack tools, crap shoot, and sell crack in glass tubes
Our chicks? Attitude, hard enough to get at a dude
Tatted up, fattest butt, suck it off, VACUUM (Hahaha)
Trips to Miami Ink, after that, Lowrider
When I say, "we ballin" trick, I don't mean no +Globetrotter+
Driicky is a monster, ain't a err' up in here safe
Since I murder raps, I should tat a tear up on my face
Can't you hear this flow? It's evil, can't be near us, close to lethal
Y'all are weird, yo I'm just here to spit 
'bout piercings, clothes, and needles
Rack some cheer-up for the people, rappers fear cause most are feeble
I don't have to smoke, I rap the dope considered so illegal, damn~!
To all my Gs' up, can I just get a witness?
If ya inked up, from the feet up, or you're stylin, in a Mitch' Ness
Ain't leavin out my females, I'm talkin 'bout dat ass too
Show 'em all, roll call, let them bitches know we wear them...


NW, EMG, Top 40
We out