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Artist: Dres (formerly of Black Sheep)
Album:  The Sureshot Redemption  
Song:   Damn Right
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erbally its dinner and 
mine dine exquisite...Ice like a blizzard.. rockin crocks and and Poof in the Ac..North Kack be where we're
hits at the Ritz allway down to Sugar Shacks..matter fact 
we got it sewn..lock, stock, and barrel...bout to hit you soon - keep

your eye on the sparrow...Gotta bounce when you hear it 
..turn it up a notch..cause man Fat Daddy bout to blow up your
keep it hot like July can't deny that we fly...see 
we play every day from L.A. to N.Y..and cross seas we got trees
in the 
West Indes...Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord 
Mercy...With fourty thieves, I be chillin..keep the Champagne 
spillin..theres no need for illin..representin all my the 
world turns ..gravity pulls..we hold it down..It's Q..D...T...and 
me...The best pound for pound 

Vs.2: IQ & T-Strait 

It's the incredible sound...that shakes the and 
towns..holding it down..for our crown...headed legacy
your name.. T- Straite, who are you...It's I.Q. ...taking 
these crews out by twos making moves to confuse....who could
refuse the 
flave the way we shape it like clay....without a loss..we 
set it off without F. Gary Gray....For all my peeps in this 
piece....From F.J.'s to Black Sheep...School Boy and Big Lord we
attacking them beats....From the streets of 
Q.C....Internationally....collectin cheese...fillin seats to know the 
type..we're first in flight ta keep if fly with a mic....F. J.'s that 
hype to keep you tight all night..Damn Right 

Vs. 3: DRES 

Yo..I be ahead in the polls to rock enumerous 
this style more sweet than Dr. J's fingerolls..who it from the top of the key.. Black Pearl - I.Q. - T
- and Fat Daddy..Now watch us achieve and sieze the 
moment with the greatest of ease..with expertise on the be
draft of coolbreeze...with cheddar cheesey vo-cals...gotcha 
actin so-cial ..from North Kak to New York City 
lo-cales....bout ta..cut the gristle...who's sharper than a 
sound get's around like a pawn shop pistol...freely I flow...see me
mine ...G. E....TP....AI....D cant mess with the...cheeba 
choppin money clocker droppin lyrics on the one....with my pants
saggin cause my pockets weigh a ton...cheat on my wife 
with a complex our romance...that I be known to get a
dance out 
of a B-Boy stance