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Artist: Dream Warriors
Album:  The Master Plan
Song:   Float On
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Luv, Q, Spek, Lu (Float On)
Small X, Riddler (They gotta float on)
Cando, Dog (float on)

Who's that girl on the rome castin nude shadow
In the midnight hour
Red carpets, nothing less, boy we walked on
I wouldn't have it
It's tragic
How we make em disappear like magic
King Lu with a touch like Midas
And all the Kris honeys, dem stand beside us
Girls on the left, swimming, in women on the right
Q's the house, ya don't wanna fight
And any way it rocks, like blocks on your corner
The new world order  Slaughter
Recognize quoted
You demoted, early dismissal
That issue, soft like ass tissue
So now every interview
Music's behind me livin in a world made of money, honey
Take the bitter with the sweet
Take the bitter with the sweet

(Before I let go) Float, Float On
Float On, Float On (Float On)
Float, Float On (That's what they gotta do)
Float On, Float On (Float On)

Take my hand
Come with me baby, to love land

Cause 1, 2, 3 o'clock, 4 o'clock rock
You'll be hearin me pumpin round your block
Tappin the old accounts
Some dayís it's so thick
I can't see through the fog
I feel like digital, fightin analogue
Itís Just another page
In the rage
Of the teenage
These tricks are not for kids
With dresses that fit like a condom
Help me, somebody help me
Oh, how the mighty have fallin
Now you can hear your Mamma callin
When the DJ display
People get down
Girls with the bodies
And my eyesight on the dance floor
It's the best type of party
Cause the beat don't stop until the break of dawn
For the people in the place that wanna get their groove on
DJ's play the tracks that attract your ass crack to the dance floor

(Why don't you) Float, Float On (Float On)
Float On, Float On (Yeah...)
Float, Float On (I've been watching you)
Float On, Float On (Float On)

Jay pop the champagne Q just came
Luv hooked up the beat
To make em jump like House Of  Pain
Spek the voodoo-istic Lyrical linguistic
So deep, you blink, you missed it
Duce and Tray brought the ladies, in Mercedes
Lu got the pina colada   axe got his bayleys
And tonightís the night, nothin ainít phasin me
Cause on the d-low, my crew is the security
Where I be is where your wanna,
Be Cause a could see behind that jealousy persona
It's time to celebrate, we met the quota
We got more guests in the house than Rolanda
Or Oprah, Geraldo, or Ricky Lake put together
It doesn't matter what weather
We rain on your parade
Then clean up like cascade
Check it, yo, we got it made in the shade

Float, Float On (That's what they gotta do baby )
Float On, Float On (I can give you more)
Float, Float On (Than you've ever had before)
Float On, Float On (You can take a trip around the world)
Float, Float On (Champagne, candlelight)
Float On, Float On (Gonna make you feel alright)
Float, Float On (Yeah...)
Float On, Float On (We're gonna celebrate tonite, baby)
Float, Float On (You and I)
Float On, Float On (While they float on)
Float, Float On