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Artist: Dreamville f/ Buddy, EARTHGANG, Guapdad 4000, J.I.D
Album:  Revenge of the Dreamers III
Song:   Wells Fargo (Interlude)
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

Excuse me sir (yes?) Your Grace
Is that my flamethrower beside you? (Why it is)
Please sir, pass it this way
Can you hand me that pistol over there?
Please don't get nothin' on it
My Lord, my Lord (yes)
Please hand me the bazooka (why, thank you)
Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang (hahahahaha)
No blood on the couch, please (brrrrrah!)
Please no blood on the couch (yes)
Sir you got blood on the couch
Can you hand me that machine gun?
Sir, damn you - yeah!

[Chorus: all]
Get my gun, we 'bout to rob a Wells Fargo
Got some broads, we need to get a whole carload
With my dawgs, we pull up lookin' like a car show
Smoke a blunt and then she get up off my narcos (woo!)

Father God in Heaven above
I come to You as humbly as I know how
Off hella the drugs and I'm out of my mind
In the meantime I'ma just smoke this loud
Put this shit on my tongue and this shit'll dissolve
Get a shot of Hennessy just to wash it down
All my white friends call me talkin' proper now
I got the BET's just so I'm hoppin' out

Yeah, he without sin cast the first stone
Told my nigga with the gun he can run in your home
One dome shot, niggas'll never look at him wrong again
Oh my God, oh my God, on this lick
In the car twisted, come here lil' bitch
Suck on my dick, some of the fun under your sister
Come come, give me some tongue tongue, get it done
Young fun, yum yum yum, I'm twisted


[over Chorus]
Whatever I said, I don't know what I said
I don't give a fuck, AHHHHH!
You gettin' this? You recordin' this?
Are you gettin' this?! Wowww~!

[Johnny Venus]
Yo, loads of this fall in the money
It's callin', I'm comin' forever and ever to you
Takin' the boxes of chocolate
I'll send 'em out, ship 'em out, get 'em delivered to you
Baby whatever, just come on
Just hop in and get in the car and we go and get boof
Stragglers is off and they fallin'
Whatever, just tell 'em to tell 'em better not make a move

[Guapdad 4000]
Ayy, skrrt skrrt in the new thing
Throw the cash now she get her rake on/Raekwon like the Wu-Tang
I think I deserve me a Mulsanne
Me, you and two or three hoes should do the group thing
Just don't fuck up the sheets, the Airbnb
And fuck off the lease, bitch mind your bees
I need peace of mind, I beat meat, delete
Then be leavin' fine, let's go


Nigga it's just how you count it
It just depend on how you count it