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Artist: Dreamville f/ EarthGang
Album:  Revenge of the Dreamers III
Song:   Swivel
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Doctur Dot]
Head on a swivel
Trouble lurkin' 'round the corner, run up on you any minute, you'll be gone...

[Chorus: Doctur Dot]
Nigga keep your head on a swivel
Trouble lurkin' 'round the corner, run up on you any minute, you'll be gone
I know niggas dead out of desperation
R.I.P my nigga Alan, damn I wish you would've stayed at home
Learned to make the best out of shitty situation
No complainin', no more Xan, I leave the medicine alone
Y'all gon' swear to God that I'm changin' for the better
Fuck whoever got the nerve to try to tell me that I'm wrong

[Doctur Dot]
I done made it up, I done made it out
I done made a way, we been makin' waves, we been makin' sounds
Rappers hella fake, they papier-mache
Like pinata, they can't wait to break, I can animate
Promise momma she gon' see the day when we all okay
All it really take is time and dedication, I pray
For the hunger to be permanent, no matter what that make
Hey batter batter, swing, bake, whip the batter for the cake


I don't know what it is man, I just
I don't think I'ma be here much longer man
Somethin's watchin' me man, somethin's followin' me
Somethin' want me DEAD man
Pray for me, pray for me, PLEASE!

[Johnny Venus]
Hell, when I was young, I ain't had to pop no guns
Nothin' crackin' in the slums you couldn't handle on your own
Shit around my block where we used to knock
Couple souls fly, wasn't nothin' like you guys which I loan
Shit it wasn't nice, wasn't paradise
Wasn't lights back to back to back, many nights was on our own
Momma had to work, poppa had three jobs
No we not Jamaican my sir but we all was robbed, hah
Should've kept my head on a weave and bob, hah
I'd rather be dead than to weep and sob
So we solve any major prob' with the quick resolve
Had to squab', circle that bitch up, feelings get involved
Neighborhood on lock, fuck we need a cop?!
That was way back way 'fore Reagan passed the rock
Left us with a needle and a jumpshot
Leave us countin' seconds on the fingers through the gunshots