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Artist: Dreamville f/ J. Cole, J.I.D, Vince Staples
Album:  Revenge of the Dreamers III
Song:   Rembrandt... Run It Back
Typed by: Cedmaster3K
{*Part 1: "Rembrandt"*}
[Chorus: J.I.D]
You don't give a damn then we don't give a fuck
On God, I been waitin' for one of y'all pussy niggas to buck
Still starvin, ribs touchin
Touch the team and you get touched like home screen buttons
Hoes scream loud, Jennifer Hudson when them thangs start bustin'
Alright, shit talk and +Slick Talk+, pissed off, stick talk
Diss track, get mad, rap niggas, big trash
Your squad, my squad, mismatched, pissants
Cheese chase, gym rats, picture paint, Rembrandts
Tree trunk, thin branch, I leave/leaf, come back
This fall, diss all y'all niggas I came up with
My, what a bit of a change up, these niggas lame, we in minimal danger, I got the banger
Just give me the next, my nigga put me in the game and I'm ready to flame, I'm anxious, put the motherfuckin' bank on it
[J. Cole]
Yeah; big nuts hangin', big bucks bringin', fuck 'em all
No slut shamin', money in the Cayman, I'm appalled
Niggas swear they bangin', Feds got 'em singin', on the squad
Crack rock slangin' on blacktop pavement, tryna ball
Line 'em up, on the wall, three deep, final call
Knee-deep, squeeze three, beep beep, Tylenol
Pulled up one deep, no squad, just me
Just God, no prob', real niggas tend to fuck with me
No jewelry, no stunt from me, just a Bentley truck and an empty cup of whatever that is
You too concerned 'bout how clever that is
Me, I'm concerned how much bread that it is or lettuce that it is, I been got my momma out debt off of this
I'm fuckin the game, you niggas is lame, you won't even get a little head out of this
Bet I'ma miss, you niggas is dense, my hits goin' over the fence
How is you niggas so rich? I'm not so convinced, my wrist costin' more than your whip
And I don't wear that no more, that shit there look tacky, yeah I'm the GOAT, no nigga don't at me
Put on your coat, the world gon' get colder, this is my year, don't say I ain't told you nigga
{*rapid gunfire*}
{*Part 2: "Run It Back"*}
[Interlude: Vince Staples]
Ay, ay nigga, ay ay
Aiyyo, uh-uh
Aiyyo, ay, ain't this that, um
Ay, ain't this the Dreamville shit?
This the, um…
[Vince Staples]
I had a dream, I had a Glock, I had a beam, run it back
I had a dream, she in Celine, I'm in Supreme, run it back
Y'all had the dream, I had the guap, I hit the green, run it back
Ready to go, ready to score, ready for war, run it back
I'm finna bring the summer back, I'm finna bring the Hummer back
Snuck my gun in the function, I bust, he not comin back
Dummy racks, hundred stacks, police killed 'bout a hundred blacks
Don't get killed tryna run a lap, nigga don't get killed tryna run a {*rapid gunfire*}