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Artist: Dreamville + more *
Album:  Revenge of the Dreamers III
Song:   Oh Wow... Swerve
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

* J. Cole, J.I.D, KEY!, Maxo Kream, Zoink Gang

{*Part 1: "Oh Wow"*}

{*Zoink Gang ad-lib for 13 seconds*}

[Chorus One: Zoink Gang]
Oh wow (oh wow, oh wow)
She got a big old ass (she got a big old butt, shit)
I'm proud (but)
I got a whole lot of cash (racks, racks, racks)
Kablaow (blrrt!)
I put a hole in your ass (and then, and then)
I'm out (errt! I'm out, I'm out)
Like a muh'fuckin' lamp

[J. Cole]
Smoke in my nappy dreads - how you scared to die nigga?
Don't believe that lie, I think that e'rybody happy dead
Hell is a fabricated figment of imagination
I done seen worse for real right there off Yadkin behind gas station
Cambridge Homes, 'partments where the girls get damaged young
From overexposure to the vultures
And prey/pray on them like pastors is supposed to
If they wasn't so con-cerned about the tags that's on they clothes but
Guess that's how it goes, fuck it, what do I know?
Ain't been in service since Jim Jones had somethin' with Hov
I document my life with rap beefs, love songs, favorite albums
In years that my niggas got blood on they sneakers
from bodies they might've caught, I don't judge no one, I'm just knowin'
At night, when it get quiet, that shit could fuck with 'em
And if it don't right now, it's gon' catch up to 'em
Guilt heavy as a cloud in a thunderstorm, huh
My niggas blowin' loud like an elephant
It's helpin' 'em to cope, I don't do nothin' if it don't
Make somethin', make a dollar, make me wonder, make me prouder
Make me karma, make me better, I ain't no killer, don't make me have to nigga
You want my spot? Well maybe after nigga
So active on the radio, I'm radioactive nigga
That's a bar, I had to give it to 'em
Never slouchin', not even on couches in the livin' room
And I feel like the world is endin' soon
Is there any good or bad? Well that's dependin' on, you
And if you wake up in time
I know it's better to be sleep, that's why we hate the alarm
I feel you {*alarm clock sounding off*}

[Chorus One] w/ ad-libs

{*Part 2: "Swerve"*}

[Interlude: KEY!]
Yeah, yeah yeah
Oh yeah {"Bizness, Boi"}
Yeah (ah) oh yeah

[Chorus Two 2X: KEY!]
If I keep movin' like this then I'm a god
Happy on the outside, jealous on the inside
And I know it inside, inside out, ayy
What this shit here mean? It's the Japanese, huh

[Maxo Kream]
The way I'm robbin' niggas say I'm gonna die
I bought a baby Draco carbon, that's a motherfuckin' lie
Stephen Curry on my hip, Klay Thompson, let it fly
Southwest Murder Block Crips, we don't die, we multiply (Crip)
Maxo talk a lot of shit but is he really 'bout that life? (Say what?)
Is a pig's pussy pork and can a caterpillar fly? (That's right)
Go Go Gadget, totin' ratchets, beam attachment on the side
I keep a savage that'll blast it, my crash dummies down to ride
These niggas janky than a bitch, I do my shit up on my lonely
So I can't trust you on a lick if you not Nina, Mac, or Tommy
Trap house servin' like Hibachi, Draco, chopstick, baby AK
Different flavors like Tekashi, twelve gauge shotty/Shotti like I'm TR3YWAY
Maxo Kobe, holy moly, servin' +Smokey+ like I'm Day Day
Runnin' out of dog food like I fed Chico
Put a brick on your head and get you dropped like Deebo
I'm slangin' bricks like Craig, I'm tryna drop these bows (Maxo)

[Chorus Two]

[Outro: J.I.D - to fade]
Look, alright, I fucked up my whip cause I'm high and I swerved
Sorry that I scared you, I didn't do that on purpose
My life been fucked up so I got problems with my nerves
My hands get sweaty, hold the blam steady...