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Artist: Dreamville f/ Childish Major, Cozz, REASON
Album:  Revenge of the Dreamers III
Song:   LamboTruck
Typed by: Cedmaster3K
[Chorus: Childish Major]
Ayy what's those? You want these?
You gotta have fees, plus more
So much heat, you can't hold
A lot of green, kind that can't fold
What's those? You want these?
Gotta have fees, plus more
So much heat, you can't hold
Whole lot of green, kind that can't fold, whoa
Oh yeah, lookin' great but feelin bummy, I just ate but still I'm hungry
I got somethin but I ain't nothin, brother tummy isn't chubby
Bills like nymphos, they keep comin/cummin, always somethin somethin somethin
Copped some things but I ain't fed, dreams alive, my wallet dead
Pockets been bleedin, I got a reason to commit treason but I'ma hit REASON
and see what he think about how he been treated at TDE cause I done been schemin
Schoolboy just dropped, give me the cue/Q, I'm desperate enough to go do what it do
SZA done popped, and y'all got Dot, I heard Jay Rock has been movin them units
Soul and Isaiah Rashad, boy you niggas really up at the top
Almost thought about poppin a Glock, but a nigga ain't stupid and I ain't a shooter
But who really is until they provoked? Nigga this hunger got me finna choke
Starting to think that this isn't a joke, gave up the liquor, I'm bringing the smoke
I talked to Bas, we fiendin for more, a nigga done tried speakin to Cole
He be too busy but he be the bro, shit, fuck it, I know how it go
So if I can't get a response from my label, and get some more food on my table
We can turn this thing into a fable, and take what I can/Cain if I'm able/Abel
[REASON] + (Cozz)
Yay yay, whoa
Top Dawg with some Dreamers, can't believe it, you sur-prised, 'prised
I been on the same shit, gettin brain, I'm such a, wise guy
Niggas took shots plenty, South Park, Kenny, I don't, die die
I'm not just gonna slide on you my nigga, we gon', slide slide
Made a livin stayin posted like I'm Diesel, this no sequel
This that, third times a charm and I been charmin, Cozz been evil
You get clips, this hammer regal, unexpected
There you have, it's been affected, so ill these words infectious, mm, yeah
I don't do hoe shit, niggas so hopeless, I been on pro shit, this West Coast shit
We don't negoti-ate with roaches, I keep it player, never need coaches
Never need towels, no teammate, drink some Jamie, I can't see straight
Cheese like Green Bay, roger that, new West niggas, me and Cozz been that
Good weed bring a nigga asthma back, gettin good bread got my wallet stacked
Lately been spinnin like laundromats, lately I been seein all kinds of black - wait, look, I'm lyin
Look Cozz, look I done been broke too long, nigga bills too long, can't hide that nigga
Cole just pulled up in a Lamborghini truck, on the homies and God, we should rob that nigga
(Rob that nigga?) Yeah rob that nigga (Look Rob my nigga)
(You could try but Cole ain't a thot my nigga) Wait Cozz, I ain't sayin' he a thot my nigga
Look, let me explain, we could tie Ib up, throw him in the back of a Lamborghin' truck
Cole do somethin, we could let a Glock squeeze up (wait chill, ease up, I ain't really tryna get involved my nigga)
(Look, we ain't got the same father, or mother, but that's my brother, can't cross my nigga)
Shit, well I'm Top Dawg my nigga so, I ain't gotta pay a cost my nigga
(Your loss my nigga, just don't off that nigga) Shit, fuck it, I'll stop
Look, let's make a deal, while I go and rob Cole, you go rob Top (cool)
Picture me, havin what they told me I should have
I've been livin off scraps, I done sold a couple packs
I been smokin potent, sippin' slow, fuck you think I'm in it for?
I'm just tryna make a bag…
I'll be damned if I ain't make a bag, thinkin slow, livin fast
Nice guys finish last, West Coast, gettin cash
Niggas think they ballin, they done made a couple wads
Just a couple West niggas, we gon' show you how to rob