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Artist: Dreamville + more *
Album:  Revenge of the Dreamers III
Song:   Got Me
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

* Ari Lennox, Dreezy, Omen, Ty Dolla $ign

[Ty Dolla $ign]
Now do you wanna know what I'm thinkin' right now? ...
Swervin' down Pico, girl I'm comin' right now...
I'm obnoxious, I'm sorry
Touch it soft but I like it rough too
We done done enough talkin'
Take your time, let you do what you do (ohh)
Call me when you're lonely
Call me when you need somebody
You do it for your man and not just anybody
And I got you long as you got me (yeeah)

[Chorus: Ari Lennox] + (Ty Dolla) + {both}
... I got you long as you got me
(And I got you long as you got me)
I got you long as you got meeeee (yaaa-aaa-aaa-ayyy)
... I got you long as you got me
(And I got you long as you got me)
As long as {you got meeeeeee}

[Ari Lennox - repeat 2X]
Who you wanna love ya?
Who you know can come through and get it right like this?
Call me when you need me
But them other bitches, yeah they cool but they ain't quite like this


I'm double-datin' destiny with angels and my demons on my shoulder like Chicago
Feel like I done struck the lotto when I saw you
Bottom of your shoes make a nigga think you Piru
Used to have the blues but too prideful
to show you everything, I could be myself around you, ain't gotta fake smile
You like it face down
Like you caught an eight count, +TKO+, Teddy Pendergrass
A nice guy but see, nice guys finish last
In the bedroom, stealin' cover, fight for legroom
You my best goon, come through for me like Neptunes'
classics; get your back bent, silky black skin
If they knew how real you are, they'd probably clap hands
In your presence
Eye candy cool but with chocolate, got a fetish
Been some things I only shared with you and not my fellas, called me to stop through
Get you off like cops do, you got me, I got you

[Ari Lennox] + (Ty Dolla $ign)
... I got you long as you got me
(And I got you long as you got me)
I got you long as you got meeeee (yaaa-aaa-aaa-ayyy)
... I got you long as you got me
(And I got you long as you got me)
I got you long as you got meee, yeah

Yeah, look
Hold me tighter when I'm trippin' (yeah) fire the lighter, let's get lifted (light 'em up)
I done ran into a lot of wrong niggas with right intentions (for real)
Shit like therapy cause you know how to talk, and when to listen
Kind of love when it don't change if I'm natural or with extensions
I got, you, I heard some rumors, I'm just hopin' they ain't, true (I ain't listen)
Been livin' good but it get better when I'm with you (I like that)
You should know I'm tweakin' when I say I'm through (I'm lyin')
You the only one with my focus, I'm the baddest up out my crew (bad bitch)
He like 'em brown skinned, independent, money-driven, Gucci'd down
How 'bout you get in your Benz and come and give this coochie rounds? (look)
Like niggas that give me full attention no matter who he 'round
It's cute when he get jealous, a nigga try me, he make that Uzi sound (pow!)
Master satin sheets grippin', sex that'll have your teeth grittin'
How I end up at your crib? Marijuana decisions (I was high)
A freak for you, ATL, he got my +peach+ drippin'
But you know it's a lie if somebody say that they caught me slippin' (lies)
So when he get that feelin', he know to call me (Hit my line)
Love, sex or the money, shit I want all three (I want it all)
Them other niggas ain't my taste, I'm too saucy (I am)
And if them bitches askin' who you with, just know it's all me (Dreezy)