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Artist: Dreamville + more *
Album:  Revenge of the Dreamers III
Song:   Costa Rica
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

* Bas, Buddy, Guapdad 4000, Jace, J.I.D, Mez, Reese LAFLARE, 
  Ski Mask the Slump God, Smokepurpp

{"Pyrex whipper"}

I got big dreams so my watch got a big face
Girls get messy like a muh'fuckin' mixtape
I'm smellin' like money and I'm lookin' like sex
I'm outside for real with the slimes and the slatts
Nigga ridin' wave then the nigga get taxed
Fendi snowpants and I fill 'em up with racks
They all ball cap and this all facts
No, I don't relax and I don't lack

Demons, they follow me deep in the dark
Niggas got problems with bein' a boss
We ain't been home but we hear all the talkin'
Hit 'em with hollows and clean 'em with salt
Salt in the wound and my heart in the cooler
Frozen like I gave my heart to my jeweler
Told him to make a new piece out of this
Ever since, I just can't give no fuck 'bout no bitch

[Chorus: Guapdad 4000]
It's a check!
Baby (yeah) had to bustdown on the AP (AP) yeah
Baby (yeah) and I'm rich styles on you lately (rich) yeah
Ay, I got fans in Costa Rica (fans) I got bands in Costa Rica (big bands)
I got fans in Costa Rica (big fans) I got bands in Costa Rica~!

I got the Mike Jack' nose just before the vitiligo
Norman Bates with the eights, I'ma go psycho
Laundromat with a temper, this a vicious cycle
Feel like Rihanna, bitches go wherever I go
Go against the grain like I'm battlin' the silo
I'm going out west like I'm motherfuckin' Fievel
LeBron in the finals, motherfuckin' five-oh
Nigga barely under 5'4", hell if I know

Niggas got me tight like Arthur's fist and shit
Like I'm not an arsonist and shit
Not a nigga that you wanna argue with
Cause then you fucking with your +Future+ like Larsa Pippen, shit
Boy I'm like a barber with this shit, you get out the chair, you get in the chair
The things in the mirror, the way they appear
You look to the rear, my niggas is near, my niggas revered
You fuckin' with Mez, you fuckin' with Heirs, nigga


I got balled up hundreds in my pocket
Diamonds on me water like a faucet
Got a lot of bands in Costa Rica
Lot of hoes in Costa Rica, got a passport in my pocket
And I flew with the stick, it's a rocket
Forty-five on me, shit +hot+ like a +Pocket+
You ain't talkin' money, it's nonsense
Got your baby mama doin' drugs in the moshpit

Top of the morning to anybody who thought it was beddy-bye
Jiddy, I'm like a Jedi
Mind tricks live inside of your head, I, devilish red eyes
Never been on a redeye or shit, I be high, I forget
Shawty said I be wildin' and trippin' when I'm on a lick
Score a penny or twenty, I'm Dominique Wilkins and shit
Really I flew to Costa Rica with the AP
At the airport, this girl asked me "Hey (are you Swae Lee?)"


Sufferin' succotash
She think it's all puddy cat but hell, I ain't even mad
I started suckin' on her titty, put my thumb in her ass
She had a little one, it really wasn't nothin' to grab, I did it anyway
Nigga I'm a bag
Comin' down the 91, flyin', doin' the dash, we goin' in today
And I been writin' my ass off, Ernest Hemingway
I ain't got shit else to say

[Ski Mask the Slump God]
Ayy! Bitch
I got too much skills, I flow like the water
So surprised I did not grow gills and I am your father
like you was Luke Skywalker and I conquer
and +Let It Burn+ like Usher's perm and kill confirmed
You look concerned, respect is earned, ah
You really be in it B, gotta be kiddin' me, ah
You really be sickenin', I got the remedy, ah
I'm feelin' like Goku, bitch I dig your energy, ah
Ummm, okay, huh
Goin' on a date with an AK, huh (yup)
Ayyy, okay
Goin' on a date with an AK, ayyy!!