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Artist: Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina) & Equipto
Album:  Bullet Symphony: Horns and Halos #3
Song:   Oh God
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It's real talk
Like they say, you know
"Oh God"

It's two for the money, I'm through with the funny
Actin hoish and sharin eachother clothes
The game runnin the clothes, your bottom be chose
And jealous, cause I'm doin it rockin, these shows
Suppose the game change and still I remain tain
Hustlin off topic bubble the same thang
And shake it all you can girl
It might be ladies night but it's a man's world
I got a, plan to get it but you so random with it
I'm gone and can't chance it
Understand this pimpin is strong, no-no I ain't fuckin for free
Beez it look real good but don't nothin come easy
The bitches say "Qweezy I'm losin my mind"
Don't trip cause it's mo' I can do with my time
I don't rhyme for the flossy things
I'm on the grind like coffee beans
By all means, I yada-yadamean for the Thizz Nation
Continuin goin hard, keep bitch breakin
Which way it goes, I'm like "Hey"
I'm all about makin the money the right way
What I say goes, though I might lay low
When I hit the scene, it's like they know, it's so typical

"Oh God"

[Andre Nickatina]
Man I'm forty five official and a missle in ya mentle
Man this game is clear as crystal and it's really out to get you
Man this road is made of gold if you crownin me the Wizard
Be my little pizza girl, yo and baby you'll deliver
Cause you shootin through the city and ya pretty like a diamond
Man walkin in the rain I couldn't tell that you was cryin
It was all about the sugar cane, goin through the sugar thangs
Had to get my grits baby girl when the sugar came
Hopped you on the first plane took you to another state
Different place, different face, stallion in the balla race
Baby what ya gonna make, baby gave a little shake
Said she wasn't gonna stop until she got in first place
Focuse like a sniper shooter, on her like a Barracuda
Talkin like I'm Rick the Ruler, this is how I have to do ya
This is how I have to school ya, pause on three
Bring it to the table then it's all on my, big bang

It's temptation without the indulgin
To show passion without the emotion
I'm a cold cat, roll that blunt
And off a impulse I can't hold back once
But rapid fire, so real you can't deny
It's like you hearin ghost from the after life
So pass the weed, and proceed baby I get over high
You know, cross my heart and hope to die
You see we self-made, eatin good cause we well paid
Although I never ever made it past the twelve grade
No G.E.D.'s or cap and gown
Basically known for my rappin style
Puttin it down, and shuffle it through your town, it's big now
I got a list I wanna turn to get down
And my name ring bells now West to East
It's all faults 'til a motherfucker rest in peace, you know life

"Oh God"