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Artist: Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina) & Equipto f/ The Jacka
Album:  Bullet Symphony: Horns and Halos #3
Song:   Monday Like a Friday
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[Andre Nickatina]
I met you with my mouthpiece sideways, rippin down the highway
Even though it's Monday I treat it like a Friday
Special introduction, lightin up the function
Pedico junction, playboy's blow trees
I'ma shake my perm, shake my perm
Man out my leather hat, man the curls all turn
I have 'em roll loosely, even rolled tightly
Girl I'm such a Pisces, in my white Nike's
Turn around slightly, ya lookin kind of pricey
Man I like to sell ya, that's what I gotta tell ya
Sexy little buttercup, you can be the runner up
Even cold days cats ????
Hot little thang, get with this game
And treat it like your runnin on the Amtrak train
The beat in the back shake the weed in my lap
The store owners know I buy blunts by the pack
Yeah, kick back, ease up, roll a fat blunt
I contemplate the brakes on this rap stuff
I'm on the chase and can't slow down now
And checkin the trap, and scan all around town
That's my emmo, I really ain't dissin ya
But I ain't got no demo for you to listen to
I'm on the verge and on her like lipstick
And usin my words I shoot her from the hip quick
Rapper rates, charge on the turn around
These hoes are chosen, all cause of word of mouth
I'm in key like do-ra-me
You see, that'll be the day when a ho break me
I got it all across the nation
Just, from luxurious conversation
Stop hatin cause I got it like that
I holla like, motherfucka can ya buy that
[Andre Nickatina]
Playboy I'm a hotel villian, with rap cat feelins
Me and this bird, we just be chillin
Spit the gift, my new stand smith
Bubble that off the top, dude just quick
I roam like a Leopard, shake up the pepper
Jump like a checker, cash my checka
Wear my leather, you know she betta
Be way better than that other heffa, whateva
[The Jacka]
Leave it up to Jack always come with some fly shit
Try hard e'ryday to ignore the fact I'm rich
I ignore my bitch, live this shit I ain't trippin
Me and Poon sippin sippin, hit the Smith, load the clip in
Windows up tacked out, same car we put a brick in
Candy Cranberry drippin, niggas say the fo's is thickin
I just know the do's livin, I could smoke a whole zip in
one night game tight, on the move caine hype
My niggas all alike, let your brain hang tight
Hustle in the rain, do our thang to the daylight
Smoke a urcle, blow in circle, sippin on a puple Sprite
In the hood servin hype's, I could never leave the life
Fiends never leave the pipe, bitches give me all they money
If you want take shit from me, take this clip in your tummy
You'se a fuckin crash dummy, all the bitches ask for me
Just to pass cash to me, suckas never last, feel me