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Artist: Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina) & Equipto f/ Shag Nasty
Album:  Bullet Symphony: Horns and Halos #3
Song:   Da Whip
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[Andre Nickatina]
Sittin on leather that's um

Better than the cow that it came from
I like to go fast, I like to blow hash
You like a women cause you way bad
The only thing I really give you is oil, water, and gas
You roll around the block, I let your voice knock
Man other girls get jealous at the bus stop
It's like a party when we gotta hit the car wash
I pancake you all up like IHOP
And then I work on your voice at the beatshop
The workers see you come through and they need knock
You ain't been with nobody befo'
And I know, because I got you off the showroom floor
We don't double date weight or go dutch
You automatic to me I can never touch a clutch
You picture the perfection when you see us roll up
I don't even have the freak out doin donuts
I grip the steering wheel like I grip a gang of paper
Baby got a attitude man for all Scrapers
We better get the Lakers, wake up all the neighbors
A whip is not a Taxi we don't do favors
I say it if it's skinny, I say it if it's thick
I just washed it, don't scratch the whip, don't scratch the whip

Man, don't scratch it, 'less you gotta scratch the matchet
Seen a zig-zag through traffic
Caprice Classic, don't drive wreckless
Off the nigga, you scratch the rims up
And knowin it's pimps up hoes down, you smash through the whole town
When po-po's say slow down
Everyday mash the gas, like I just don't care
When I blow, I ash the blunt anywhere
I'm a left lane ride til the next day
I pull a Whodini if I want to escape
Roll like a esse, seat low yell that whore
Don't scratch the whip bitch, the shit ain't yours
Came back off tour, with your front end tore
I had to smash a rental to the instore
Baby was soar on all fours, no mi amors
Don't scratch the whip bitch, the shit ain't yours

[Andre Nickatina]
Shit, I wear shades in the car like I'm Stevie Wonder
I drive like the days of thunder
Passion number, my whip ain't a closet lady
You all in the office baby
My hair is wavy, the zapco goin crazy
We submerge like the Navy
When it's me and her I don't even think about you baby
I'm sorry that it sounds so shady
This time me and my whip don forget the gravy
Hands out like ya pay me
I party with percission now I gotta wax up the detail
It's sorta like a manicure Kim Lee nails
Fine female even though you need a key
Start you up you comin home with me, my whip

Don't scratch the whip
Don't scratch the whip

[Shag Nasty]
I wish a hoe would scratch my whip
Hell yeah I'ma act up and start to trip
Some niggas might let cha get away with that shit
But a mack like me'll say bullshit
I'ma reach back like a pimp, and bust a hoe lip
Cause I works too damn hard for this shit
Candy paint sticky, rims like black diamonds
Coke white interior, woodgrain show my shinin
And that trunk that 15's in the back
That shit cost G's now mothafucker can you but that
I thinks not so you hoes better check yourself
For you fuck around and wreck yourself
Fuckin with a nigga whip could be hazardous to health
Get hurt quick and find yourself by yourself
Cause a fresh ride is like a nigga best friend
You fuck with that you fuckin with him, so don't do it

I just bought it don't crash the whip
Don't crash the whip
I just got it waxed don't scratch the whip
Don't scratch the whip
Don't scratch the whip, don't crash the whip
Shit, don't scratch the whip, but don't crash the whip
Don't crash the whip
I just got it bought don't crash the whip
I just bought it, don't crash the whip
Don't crash the whip
I just got it waxed don't scratch the whip
In the mix, on highway 86