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Artist: Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina) & Equipto
Album:  Bullet Symphony: Horns and Halos #3
Song:   Comb My Hair Like
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[Andre Nickatina]
I can see my reflection in my sons eyes
And when I see him I know the Lord cried when Jesus died
I'm not a sane, I spread my wings like a Condor
I tell the bulls to come and get me like a Matedor
I rip the shade like the bullets in a thugs car
I'm located at the bar where the drugs are
I pack the house, I pack the party, all the God's know that
We like Democrats, politican on a batch
I spit raps, I comb my hair like God
Then hit other cities bumpin Playboy Todd
It's 'Sco love, we let the weed blow up
Make the money fold up, and not slow up, you know what

???? up, I'm a Don P game runner
Smooth as silk, I spit milk and make butter
A cold heart, ryhme pays, mind state go-gart
You keep hustlin hard but go so far
I don't think they ever really heard of "Pimp's Blood"
They cuttin deals with bitches up in the strip club
That's fake money, I study and play day and night
If I'ma be in the game then I'ma play it right
We chops it up off Thizz and Backwoods
Let the ho choose you got the game backwards
Touchdown I'ma endzone dance
Any town I arrive I'm a Frisco mack
Kangol hat, "The Gift", got my bankroll fat
I leave the square be, she a Castro fag
And mad because I'm divid with this and ho knockin
True to the shit that I spit and won't stop it

[Andre Nickatina]
The street gamble make you travel
And we can do it from the Pine Apple all the way down to the Big Apple
I swing back and forth like a link chain
My homie came to court sportin Hema Mink mayne
I'm not a honor roll student is what you tellin me
Dare you to try to leave your country with a felony
It's like a symphony, man when you witness me
That Holy Water Bay game kinda sprinkle me
I comb my hair like God
Then hit other cities bumpin Playboy Todd
Man this is how we act, man but we don't act
It's like when a snake and a mongoose react
And blow back, I swim laps in the river of lust
With, no lifeguard watchin when I splash and fuss
I put my soul in a number 2 pencil
Its sound like a bird with a gangbanger whistle
It was all so simple, miss me with the riddles
A cat fish hunter throw it right down the middle
Crack it for a triple, Ricky keep runnin
Cause everybody knows when the raps start gunnin-gunnin

Like channel 2 serve news on the day she choose
EQ don't really hook up on no rendevous
Or any rain checks blaje runnin the same shit
Life is what you make it, and what the game give
I'm the true and livin, like a newer image
I'm tryin to ball without movin my pivet
I got a way with it, icey stay fitted
Hyphy Bay livin, I be laced in the monople fast track
Tell 'em where the stash cash
Baby is a car date, far from a lap dance
Still I'm a rap cat and I could tell you this
"I respect a ho way more than a bitch", bitch