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Artist: Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina) & Equipto
Album:  Gun-Mouth 4 Hire: Horns and Halos, Vol. 2
Song:   Knyte Rydah
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Yeah, let's do it

[Mike 2X's]
My attitude stay cold like "Scarface" Al Pacino
What is it Queezy?, let's roll
Now you wildin under the lights with Michael Knyte
The truth hurts in the day time and at night
Have heart, have hustle, my niggaz and keep your game tight
Know what I mean?, the streets gon continue to watch
So I'ma stay fully loaded and copped
Like a detachable magazine
When I visit Reno I'm hittin the Silver Legacy Casino in my camoflauge jeans
Made by Def Jam
And my boots and the trees is sponsored by Timberland
Man everyday I'm just husltin
Bring a straight hungry, aggression, and passion
Just to keep this shit happenin
So watch how you roll
Game recognize game in a world full of haters and the po-po's
Man I'm tellin all my niggaz man everything they glitter 36-24 ain't gold
I'm spinnin and sinnin on low pro's

Mike Myer, a knyte rydah
Tell her, youknowImean
All in they face

I said "Now, Wow", baby came with a thou'
Young and actin like a Indian, start askin how?
Tadow, see I got her all out of character
Hoppin on one leg she comin to America
Bark like a poodle, I'm all in the noodle
I doodle on the page and the game is brutal
I'm chillin, like a cooler manuver like a Heimlick
MC's knowin I been cold since 9-6
My bicep flexin, while doin the high-step
Bounce, and I'll be +Gone Till November+ Wyclef
Your highness, why they gon hate the skill
Took you under like the hood did ate and chill
Now it's crackin, I'm choppin in the bachelors pad
In the bathroom you won't find no maxipad
Roll up, from killin the swish and pass me that so quick
That's granddaddy in the Cadillac bitch
Fa sho, and she thought she couldn't get no higher
Until she really rolled with Michael Knyte Rydah
Hi, I'm the supplier the shotgun sitter
Don't get upset because I'm not done with her, the Knyte Rydah

Yeah, all in they face mayne, youknowwhatImean
It's my dot to e up in this coochie granny's
Up in the alley's, youknowwhatImean
In Cali, Frisco

[Andre Nickatina]
In me eyes this freak said she saw Carnival
And she'll pay a lil' fee if she can play and go
I like fine dimes, because I wear fine vines
Man walk with me baby we don't stand in club line
Baby night-time, night-ride cobra-cobra
A white Cashmere coat on my shoulder
Baby you can lose jewels if you choose
I'm tyrin to get half of ya ass like the moon
I might do court moves just like the Doc
Or rip your whole community man like the crack rock
My Nakamichi bangs and my Nakamichi knocks
From the blood to the bones and we still rep Pac
Lord of mercy, I give you water if ya thirsty
It's like a movie in the making when these bitches try to work me
My vogue tires shine like the sun
And they scream from the curb like a home-run
Drop like a hot gun, hat low ready to flaunt
I don't need no menu I know what I want
It's like the seventh sign, I see my life on the computer line
It's like a treasure when you find mines