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Artist: Drapht
Album:  Who Am I
Song:   Drink Drank Drunk
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Ah my head
How did I get home last night? Ohhhh
Oh shit, where's my wallet and my keys?
Oh not again

[Verse 1]
It's got to be the first drip as it hits my tongue
I'm still young but I need more than of sip of rum
To run a muck, the dumb shit done when I'm boozy
Abuse loosely, never enough to amuse me
Like Bruce Lee, one-inch punch is so topical
Rockin unstoppable, beer goggles never optional
Optical illusion, optimum with every word
Off the top of the dome, can't remember my verse
And it gets worse, downhill with every swig
Seems that when I step I gotta get jiggy-jig
Dig my hole deeper, sleep a whole knockout
Bet I'll never learn my lesson like a High School dropout
Gotta rock out every weekend, two hour sleep and
Exposing your fakes like Pamela going streaking
Reap in the benefits, a hole in the pocket
Want to take it all back but there's no sign of the docket
Can't stop her, better lock your doors when you see me
I do much of drinking nothin, save blow your TV
Or DVDs, no one can read me my rights
Flee the scene looking flash on your brand new bike
And the night's still young, run through your servo
Leave with pockets filled with porn, but do I look concerned? No
Turbo word flow, got to show me the party bruz
"You in no crew?" Nah it's got to be all of us

Drink, drank, drunk - the room starts to spin
Lookin like a ghost with see-through skin
Drink, drank, drunk - gettin outta hand
On top of the world thinkin I'm the man
Drinkin drank till my legs don't work
Over a hundred ladies done said that I was a jerk
Drinkin drank, I'm hittin the bottle hard
Wakin up in the morning, no cash, no cars

[Verse 2]
Out of control, rollin with War or the big guest
Totally fuckin loaded, could never pass a piss test
A big mess made in a matter of seconds
Shootin off my mouth, truth is I'm aimin for the weapon
As I'm with the motions, the potion makin me lovesick
Lookin through my phone for any lady to hook up with
{*Phone rings twice*}
{Hello?} You up miss? Nah you now they never are
So what is it you're wearin girl? That lazy little leather bra?
Lets get it together girl, lovin makes a better world
Send you a sin for nether girl and give you a set of pearls
{Set of what?} I said a lot of stuff I can't remember
Can't pretend ta even know your name but don't wanna offend ya
Hey big spender, what you mean you've been misled?
Got money of a muso and a habit of a pisshead
My lips red raw, my eyes are so bloodshot
Keep drinkin by the truck lock, could end up in a mugshot


[Verse 3]
There's more to me than just being drunk and disorderly
I ought to be in bed, normally never order water instead
Of an alcoholic beverage, giving you the confidence
To walk up to the hottest girl and give her a complement
{What up girl?} The mood swings, just got time to duck
The honeymoon seems to be over and I'm running out of luck
Some of the dead shed the red blood of a Scottish man
Have Fozzy like Kelly Osbourne so I demolish cans of liquor
Sick of ricocheting off every person
Sick of them trynna find me cause they reckon I disturbed em
Peewee Herman verse the whole Hogan Hero
One push, I fly furtherer than Rio de Janeiro
Here we go again, another drunken scenario
Night on the town, head spinnin like a merry-go-
Round everywhere I go, bound to get messy
And I'm never gonna stop until the cops come and arrest me

No bottles on top of the wall now
Can't see in front of me, I'm bout to fall down
Watch out, watch out, I gotta get home
Better keep clear when Drapht's on the road
No bottles on top of the wall now
Can't see in front of me, I'm bout to fall down
Watch out, watch out, you better keep clear
Cause I'm way too drunk to steer