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Artist: Drapht f/ Optamus
Album:  Pale Rider
Song:   Prolific
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I break you down more than nerves or stranded cars on curbs
Keep it equal for the people but still disturb with words
I'm not concerned, I duck and dodge your views
It never seems to end a bad case of deja vu
I set the mood from the blues to the hyped tracks
I can't be moved, if I do I'll be right back
Might lack a little colour to the skin
No room for improvement, I move with the wind
Pull the pin, explode, got a short fuse
I'm bad news, get what you give and beggars can't choose
Run straight through, it ends up critical
Lyrically spiritual, out of this world that's metaphysical
Tools of the trade, I paint ya pen
Tend to offend, live the life of the creme de la creme
Depend on no one, try bring me down
I got more tricks up my sleeve than a sideshow clown

Check the elements, said I am just oh so eloquent
The veteran endeavour to summon up the adrenaline
Sweat trickling, magnificent emcees are impotent
Get rid of 'em, kick 'em out the door and then we're listening
To Drapht and Op' and after what I've got to say
People scream and understand the Syllabolical ways
We train our sword with the mind, we're laughable type of close
With Hunter heating up the crowd, we're liable to explode
On delivery, lyrically feel the Sylla-score festivity
Give me the microphone, I think it's in my vicinity

[Chorus: Drapht, Optamus] {X2}
Twenty-four, day to night
	We're gonna stay prolific
There will be no compromise
	We gotta make a difference
The truth is in your eyes
	Yeah, we see you in the distance
I see right through your lies
	Shut the fuck up and just listen

Ripping it out, kah-pow, now my linguistics set the mood
But it's about now, the sound surrounds the Sylla crew
I'm gonna take it deep and leave you feeling like you're in line
And I'm sick and tired of emcees that criticising
Thriving on the dead bones and living on the passion
Adapting and grabbing anybody that wants to make it happen
I'm a captain, a corporal, let's keep this shit informal
Draphter take it away and suck 'em into our portal

It's like before it starts I vanish without a trace
Never give you the chance to put the words to a face
I concentrate with a plan to conquer
You bite my bars like they were made by Willy Wonka
I'm on the ball and never sit on the sidelines
Every move watched like Jordan in his prime time
Evil Einstein, the future in my palm
Traits to take over the world fighting off Bush and Sadam
Heart be alarmed cause Drapht's a master of surprise
The illusion from the heat playing tricks on your eyes
I advise, it's liver than electrics
Don't wanna get too close cause I burn when this text hits

[Optamus, Drapht]
The first thing's first, words hitting like sniper pot shots
	I rise from the horizon knocking off the rock spots
And on this journey, take time to fuckin study
	This shit could turn bloody if you step to step-buddy
Cause ugly scenes occur when you don't understand
	An upper hand cause every word that we spit hits the fan
Cause we began from this and that's where we started
I say goodbye to wack emcees and dearly departed

The tale of two titans enlightened, can't be silenced
On a higher level, the sort to resort to violence
We never settle, turn up the heat in battles
Always two sides to the story, mine and Scotty Babbles'
No need for paddles, our flow will never end
Defend if you quick to diss my fam or my friends
If you lend your ear I can steer you the right way
If you turn your back, get FUCKED is what I might say
My way or no way, I never play fair
First one in the ring to swing a bat or a chair
No one-on-one, it's us against all
And we're not gonna stop till the last man falls