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Artist: Drapht
Album:  Pale Rider
Song:   Observe (Remix)
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"Look, listen and observe" --> Guru

[Verse 1]
Made to watch, I can't stop, I'm cutting all ties
Those that hold me back, it's my final goodbye
I tried, you ask why it turned to ash
Can only dodge for so long, it's time to catch
Plus a map go way back in my books
Time to rip like that, my words are my hooks
I long look to coat my load of puzzles
Cipher's all eyes and now you're seeing doubles
My tones give nosebleeds, we stone freeze
Hoes' T's, hoes leave, don't think you know me
Or own me for that matter, a mad hatter
I'm fatter, I shatter when I land so man scatter
Fans flatter the man, the crusader
Switch from good to evil faster than Darth Vader
Whilst on the radar, focus and adapt
Be back with part two and more shit you lack

[Chorus] {X2}
No matter what, observe from a distance
You'll get your turn if you learn to just listen
It's your existence, any day it can stop
You wanna be average or end on the top?

[Verse 2]
Systems down I'm bound to work from the ground up
Pushing through the crowd but can't see through the dust
Rhymes tough, no breath to make a next step
Signs reading right, stubborn egos leading left
I'm cheating death, I'm blessed by above
When views clash, no love, then push comes to shove
I've dug down underground for my pleasure
Fumes getting you higher than fat kid's blood pressure
Gotta treasure every day, break away
See me lead astray like finding a needle in the hay
Never happen, girls tapping their toes to my flows
Watch me go off into the sunset high ho

[Chorus] {X2}

[Verse 3]
Powerful energies open the doors locked
The electric shock, the cause for the jaws to drop
Join dots to dots, still can't figure out my picture
Focus on the scripture, leave opponents in a blister
Thoughts that whisper works around the links
Think before you enter, surrender before you sink
Act on instinct, bob your head to the text
Now you why they say 'Drapht, he's a pain in the neck'

[Chorus] {X2}