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Artist: Drapht
Album:  Pale Rider
Song:   End That Way
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[Verse 1]
Prepare for this gale-force Drapht, be warned of this wind
Entering your body through the pores of your skin
Sing for a purpose, battle the worthless
Wounds I inflict can't be fixed by doctors or nurses
I surface from this land down under
Strike with the speed of light when I ride with the force of thunder
Run for cover man, you better run quick
Cause like reptile, acid flows when I spit
Got a bone to pick like a vulture on a corpse
Intent to harm with my hypnotic force
Travel through a time warp, a hired assassin
Go for days on end without a supply of rations
A strong passion to punish, crave the taste
So sick I turn stomachs so you better stay away (fuck off!)
This Australian made alphabetical mayhem
Trained to slay men, so punks jump when I say when

Don't underestimate, I'm here to devastate
Can't trust no one in this world full of renegades
Get my pen and page, I aim for centre stage
I'll avenge, recommend it will end that way
It will end that way, I'm here to devastate
Can't trust no one in this world full of renegades
Get my pen and page, I aim for centre stage
It will end that way, it's gotta end that way

[Verse 2]
Drastic tactics enable this plan
I live life day to day on Aboriginal land
Stand with clenched hands, formed into still fists
Even with a drunken stumble, I duck, weave, you miss
Cross off my list, now my mind's set to travel
Journey through the dark with this map to unravel
No torch for light, so I'm taught to write
Aggressive thoughts arrive inside, they're too hard to fight
Despite, being a knight with a big heart
FUCK a damsel in distress cause love don't last
Carry a hip flask with liquor to the brim
Like B-Boys, I got the antidote to make heads spin
Don't play to win, my aim's to derange
Leave streets in flames as I multiply my name (Drapht!)
What a shame, I use my mind for evil
Paralyse those who think we're fuckin equal
The sequel seeps out your speakers, an invasion
Only thing left I lack in life is patience
'Leash the devastation, nation on their toes
Sleeping through dreams in the form of a crow
Deformed they arose, my army from the grave
The trait that makes words that are sharper than blades
Invade your space, can't hard in your disguise
Wack spies stand out more than fat chicks' thighs


[Verse 3]
A survivor stuck in a storm, washed up to shore
What's around the corner? Never know what's in store
Open a wrong door and it's back to the start
But if you got a pocket of cash, then the dogs won't bark
Ooh that's life in this world of corruption
Money's the fuel that drives hell suction
I'll tell you something, every man to himself
I don't trust no one when it comes down to wealth (no one)
It's just me in this black and white picture
It must be that this role don't fit ya
Execute with scripture, no life to spare
Take the law in my hands, burn like electric chairs
It's rare, you can't compare, so prepare
As I propel through the air, don't give a FUCK about fair
I'm the one that makes up my mind
Believe it or not, I'll achieve what I want with time
Nine out of ten times I'll break the rules
Extend rhymes to bend spines, my tongue's my tool
Some say it's cool, I got the jeweller ?abdulger bar?
Life will end up in a full body cast
Shattering bones with the tone of my words
From Perth, an omen, I was chosen from birth
Explode on purpose, this mission is complete
Seek with defeat, the taste of revenge was sweet