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Artist: Drapht f/ Porsah Lane
Album:  Pale Rider
Song:   Can't Escape
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[Verse 1]
I can't waste no time, I still remain a mystery
Mister D-Rapht is re-writing history
Quick to be judged and rubbed up the wrong way
Far beyond strong but I flip after long days
Songs play over in my head
Haunted by Hip Hop, won't let me rest till I'm dead
Lead by light but in sight of the darkness
I'm quick off the draw like graffers with markers
Regardless of all the mistakes I've made
An ongoing avalanche can't stop my rage
But still struggle, I can't reveal a weakness
Bounce back as an outlaw with ghost-like features
Best kept secrets are best kept left
Regrets are for the weak, I plan my next step
Best yet, let time take its path
All bets are set on Drapht's task to have the last laugh

[Chorus: Porsah Lane]
Can't stop the demons in my mind
Ohh, you can't escape the power of the rhyme
Can't stop the demons in my mind
Ohh, you can't escape the power, you can't escape the power

[Verse 2]
My mind sits between two worlds of fact and fiction
Building barriers for pain infliction
Victim of perfection, thought of a thought to mention
Every word that I mention is never short of attention
I'm indeed up to my knees with mud
Won't budge, slowly swallowed by the rising flood
Cold blood, more aggression than some
Cause I'm misunderstood like a man with no tongue
No fun, sunk as low as a shipwreck
Disrespect Paul more than whores wearing fishnets
I'm in sets like the surf
Just like an alcoholic, Drapht lives in the 'burbs
Plus I confer to work for my earnings
Rely on number one till the world stops turning
Learned to hustle the streets
My only means to survive is to think like a thief


[Verse 3]
Tough time, got many techniques to uphold mine
Refuse to dry up and rust, confined
As a bandit, yeah it's a hold up
Dirty style, more triple X files than Moulder
Told ya, new age Ned Kelly of the century
Highjack on horseback, every pocket end's empty
It's elementary, what's done is simple
On topic, hypnotic, telepathical signals
Simpled slightly, aggressive I might be
But every word that I spit just wraps it up tightly
Reoccurs nightly, highly explosive
The sound of magic ransacks with no motive
I came to ride the high saddle avenger
Remember temper strike the spite of your gender
So surrender, no point in tryna fight
Code red overnight, dynamics of dynamite