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Artist: Drapht
Album:  Brothers Grimm
Song:   Jimmy Recard
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Let's take it back to 1982 just quickly
I came into this world and my mum thought 'I'ma name this little boy Paul'
Plain old, boring old Paul
And I always thought if I had a different name, would my life be different? Like

[Verse 1]
Imagine if I had a name like Jimmy Recard 
Evolve from the joker, become king of the cards 
King of the castle, king of the bar stool 
Liked by all, nobody thinks he's an asshole
Pass the parcel to Jimmy
Everybody pass quicker than getting offered a glass of kill Kenny
If anything Jimmy's the man of the millenium
No two men could even better him, not even Lenny and Carl
I put a penny in the jar
Cause I swear he's rare as seeing henny in yah mini bar
Face for the cinema like Andy Garcia
But compared to Jimmy Andy's so last year
Brassieres thrown at his feet
Lady's love him cause he gotta little dimple in his cheek 
Blahhhh, making me sick to my stomach
And there's nothing you can do, you gotta love him cause he's

J.R, Jimmy Recard
Raise yah glass for the king of the bar it's
J.R, Jimmy Recard
Women swinging there arse, ladies swinging there bra for
J.R, Jimmy Recard
All my people singing hera-hera for
Come and get down with 

[Verse 2]
He was always in the right place at the right time
Had a life line wiser than 95 percent of the sci-fi
followers, had his collar popped down like they should be
Living off laughter like Llano and Woodley
And it could be cause he had the world in his palm
Every week a different girl on his arm
His mum a doctor, dad a rock star
Concoct a little something, nine months they popped out a



[Verse 3]
It's like everything he touches turns to gold, it's amazing
Destiny on his side like Jay Z pushing up daisies
A breath of fresh air, the best there is
Like getting in the electric chair and live
Untouchable, he never perish
Reason what luck was for, he was the fairest of them all
Of them all like mirror mirror on the wall
Like Wirra Punda on the ball 
Mum comes up with Paul when there's names like Jimmy
Any plan or gimmick, every man will mimic Jimmy
Opening more doors than a Jimmy
That's why he's always fucking swimming in his winnings
The name's ringing in your ears man isn't it
Living in jealousy like a prisoner to visitors
He was oblivious to sunshine/day night
Would my luck change if I was given a name like