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Artist: Drapetomania (Gen Pop & Big Walt)
Album:  Drapetomania
Song:   The Tardedness
Typed by: Kyle Hunter/Bandcamp

One time for the One Time
3 Strikes for the ex-con still spitting gun rhymes
I stay Based on the Front Line
Without a plan of attack so I kick back and unwind
Watching the sunshine through the holes in the roof of the Terrordome
Better known as my second home
I tried to write a verse deep and political, but I got bored
So that topic's better off left alone
Like paying fees on a land-line telephone
Stare at  the ballot all I'm seeing is a pair of clones
The smell of slacking got me gone off the pheromones
So would you care to bone and boost each other's Seroton'?
Long days Longer nights
And what I'm seeing's blurring up my views of wrong and right
This city is a sinkhole, I'm crawling towards the light
Watching former classmates taking hits off the pipe

When I look to the sky
I ask how crooked am I
In the truth, I look for the lie
So will I be cooked when I die?

To the birds in my art, the world is a dart
Dick stay wet but a virgin at heart
On the streets of Ann Arbor, demand pardon
I'm sorry, I'm from where your plants darken
Yo, skies grey in the summer
Game kept calling, changing my number
GP, I'm out
I'll be back in a flash
I'm grabbing Cognac and a bag of the grass
My friends sell _________
Mad hazardous cash, pack mattress and bag
I don't hassle with that, that's back in the past
But the blood won't wash from my hands
From when I sold drugs to a man
Who later went to a program
And I said "Stay Gold, kid.
I caked off your pain, I ain't shit."


Riots in the streets, stocks bulemic
Defiance is the key but the lock is secret
Cops aim at your back when they cock & squeeze it
Have you, quadrapalegic on a Posturepedic
My guys get Bridge cards and stop believing in a better life
Satisfied with decent
Long as they on a cot in a box in the precinct
Call that shit a come-up getting strung up by weak links

I quit my job
I'm a loser
I have no future, there IS no future
Blood seeps through the planet's sutures
I'm sharing cigarrettes with crack abusers
Take me out a little quicker, sipping liquor
Palm read, gypsy give a bitter picture
Everything burns down, bones hollow
For the love of today they took your tomorrow