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Artist: Drapetomania (Gen Pop & Big Walt)
Album:  Drapetomania
Song:   Shit Happens
Typed by: Kyle Hunter/Bandcamp

Catch me temporary whipping in the Zip Car
Tacky ass throwing gift-cards in the tip jar
It's the thought that counts
Why try to front?
We share the wealth
Like Communists
Ending up in rented trucks bumping Fleetwood......
.......Mac-kin on these chickens cuz my speech good
I use big words
Like "contraception"
Get chose off prose
Top selection

I'm not really drunk enough
To be outside the club trying to clutch stunts
My dude knew one
She's kinda hot
But everybody thirsty, making final shots
Hail Marys
Trying to grab the last one left, but them broads looking kinda scary
No Fern Gully fairies, like I'm Larry...
...Bird, no mouse, fly back to my aviary