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Artist: Drapetomania (Gen Pop & Big Walt)
Album:  Drapetomania
Song:   Preexisting Conditions
Typed by: Kyle Hunter/Bandcamp

I'm in Ypsilanti
Smokin Afghani
Keep big checks in the mail like  ____ Stan Lee
You wanna know what runs in my family?
Everyone from the cops, dog. Unhand me.
Got a couple L's but I beat em in court
Prick-ass cop, laughin when I read the report
Thought that he could even the score
Now he like 'Big Walt's too evil, ABORT"
I laugh gleeful & snort.....
Your slut mother put cunt rags in your lunch bag
Had me in the Facebook pic, I had to untag
Everybody's lady know Hunchback
Let you get up on the mic, naw sike, Run That
Get the party hype, you are the retarded type
Thinkin that these fuckboys eatin and we starve tonight

10-4 Paces, Backpacin
Oh, you sick with the spit? My dick is the vaccination
Black Chameleon, creepin on a come-up
In the land where it's 10% Talent, 90 Dumb-Luck
I treat the bus like my limousine services
Round-trip tickets for cats with mental disturbances
...But I digress, eat rappers & digest
Widescreen my rhyme scheme to make your mind stretch
I'm in this for the love and sense of leadership
Especially since it beats yellin out "Fire!" in Madea flicks
And if the beat's legit, I'll have the streets convinced that I'm a genius
Even if that label's fucking meaningless
Liable to be maniacal, but never nihilistic
So turn the lights low while you listenin
Recline in your seat and vibe to the beat
While I walk this tightrope and catch knives in my teeth