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Artist: Drapetomania (Gen Pop & Big Walt)
Album:  Drapetomania
Song:   Passion Fruit
Typed by: Kyle Hunter/Bandcamp

Praise God and pass the ammunition
I'm makin cuts and layin tracks like black beauticians
Prhyme Rhyme told your boy to keep it Suade
So I keep a blind eye to you underneath the shades
I wrote this on the West Side: North Maple, West Side
Everyday, 12A, AATA, let's ride
Milosh got the Loud downtown, that's the best buy
I don't smoke like that, but if I did it'd leave my chest fried
Like these fly birds I observe: Legs Breasts Thighs
We can crash, when I give that ass a test drive
Black boys bussin verses
White girls clutchin purses
Bitches lacin DMT with skag got you fuckin nervous
Fuck the Heat dude, I be hatin
Bron won the title but his hairline still be Ossie Davis
Rest in Peace to Pogo, finger fuck the Po-po
The Black Man is God like Yaphet Kotto in a polo

And he ain't crazy, he just PASSIONATE
Drapetomania wit D&D its so immaculate
Smack the ass of the establishment
Throw em off balance then hit the gas wit the baddest chick
Cuz she ain't crazy, she just PASSIONATE
And we ain't crazy we just PASSIONATE
Tell them motherfuckers play in traffic if they mad at it
Cuz I ain't come for practice, bitch
I'm gunnin for the championship

They see me out
And they know what I'm about
Ingham County's in the house
All these shows, they stay booked
Women wanna Bang, wanna meet me on the Facebook
I'm gettin old
I'm not swagged out
Used to be Dad spazzin out, takin trash out
Now I'm cashed out, drink the Guinness black stoute
Educate rappers and let the class out
Slide in the whip, then I go to Zach's house
Watch the Broncos (aka the Jets)
Tebow's wack, wow
I got some new shit comin in like teethin
Women from Sweden, I love to watch em leavin
This evening, General P &...
Me plottin on eatin till we stop breathin
If I ever hear you say Walt's decent
Prolly bought your jewelry at the mall, prolly called Skeezits