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Artist: Drapetomania (Gen Pop & Big Walt)
Album:  Drapetomania
Song:   Giving Up
Typed by: Kyle Hunter/Bandcamp

Good morning Y-Town
Good morning Ace Deuce
Good morning AQ, pray you recuperate soon
Strange fruit still swinging from the same noose
That ain't new so now it's time for us to make moves
Every time I grab a microphone and spit
I'm making up for lost time, days thrown in the abyss
World weary in my early 20's
Insecure so when girls tempt me, my nerves flimsy
Back in 9th grade, I used to fantasize
I still do but now I over-anaylze
And rap for guys broke as fuck and for too stressed
The fear of women got em flocking to the sausage-fest, I guess
It all connects to how we're programmed
Old associations, all I know to make is slow jams
And if a woman don't relate then I'm supposed to hate
I swear this shit is rigged, ladies get it how you live

What I found
Is astounding to me
Baby this is what we got
And we're not Giving Up
What I found
Feet on ground, yeah you know
We on top, got on lock
Strong enough, now look up

It's a new day
Like many others
To rock boat shoes
Coat of many colors
I don't have any lovers
But that's OK
I used to bump Cold Vein and blow grapes
Now I rotate, to PBR cold case
30 of em, smash em all like post-haste
My mom telling me, I need a nice girl
Not these girls that like girls and White Girl
Ain't a lot of those in my world
Maybe I need my horizons to einfurl
Unfurl, one curl is 25
But I'm, trying to get that shit to 30 by the wintertime
Think I can do it
Cuz 50% of any task is a little intent
If it's past 8:30 I'm bent
But that's OK
Every day I get closer to a better way