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Artist: Drapetomania (Gen Pop & Big Walt)
Album:  Drapetomania
Song:   The Funk
Typed by: Kyle Hunter/Bandcamp

Let me have your attention
Graduated in '06, still got detention
Retention, of my foot in your anus
Is what you can expect if you book and don't pay us
Next statement, is some Fuckboys hatin
So uh...lemme explain the arrangement
Said I'm ass-backwards, Backpacker & Hipster
That's why I'm runnin laps and clap traps at your sister
Congnac, grass and a fat package of Swishers
Trash rappers Kool-aid glass smashin the picture
That shit wasn't even hard
Wrote that shit drunk as fuck, playin Mario Kart
I'm fucked up, waiting for the party to start
Like, "Which one of these girls gon' throw a dart at my heart?"
Yeah...with that overshare
And uh I kinda like uh, that one over there

Kick it like Judo, drop it like Sumo
Ladies try to throw me culo like my last name was Buttafuaco
My loose lips sink ships shootin scud missiles
Make these haters' blood sizzle as I do my thug thizzle
Funk pistol, Bop gun, cock it on a grassy knoll
Point blank, head shot, stop, pop, drop & roll
This game's a rerun, I stopped and made a cameo
Cracked my head open, saw green like pistachios
In 5th grade, I talked shit and did the Dirty Bird
When I'm 64, I'll prolly have a stroke and slur my words
Kick these old heads to the curb for sanitation workers
Reminisce all you fuckin want, you can't escape the merger
From Ypsilanti to Dansville, forEverest-ing on these Catskills
Door to door, passin handbills
I met Rick Snyder at his crib for civilized discussions
Runnin interference while his daughter's fuckin Walter Lucken