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Artist: Drapetomania (Gen Pop & Big Walt)
Album:  Drapetomania
Song:   Drapetomania
Typed by: Kyle Hunter/Bandcamp

It's no secret that Walter is damaged
I watched my peers kneel down at the altar of Mammon
Emotions often mismanaged
Cuz I stay drunk, awkward and candid
I might be the most lost of the lambs
Because I felt more than thought can withstand, but God became Man...
Felt the same pain
Universe rearranged so I can be OK,
I might be crazy
Cuz at lunch today I felt that which made me
I almost got committed last weekend
To evaluate if I was off deep end
And ______________________
My mom's really scared for me / scared of me
What I'd do to me without therapy
And I ain't................trapped in the world
I'm tryin to get back to the world cuz this pain made cracks in the world
I wanna go back where my friends are
That's why I drink so fuckin much
But I'ma be alright when it gets hard
Cuz to keep on in this life, I need one above (one above)

Blind Faith ain't new to me
My folks nurse scars, countin down till Jubilee
Usually the cruelty's a given
I take it like I dish it, hopin soon to be forgiven
You can see the prison at large
If you stick around long enough, it isn't that hard
Patrol Cars, slow to a creep on a safari
Snatchin niggas up while others get seduced by the Army
I'm runnin out of things to say sooner
In conversations that I'm not conductin on computers
It's _____________________________________
Find myself starin off into space
Work ethic gets often replaced with distraction
So yes, I'm depressed but fed
While overseas i'd be left for dead
To see a famine claim lives puts things in perspective
And all I really seek is connection, plus some peaceful protection
From my own self-sabotage
Burdened with a sense of worthlessness...I try to camouflage
I can't escape without making a sacrifice
Maybe things will even in the afterlife
But I'll suffer this illness until I'm dead & gone
Control is remote, fuck it what else is on