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Artist: Drake f/ Lloyd, Polow Da Don, Rich Boy
Album:  Young Sweet Jones
Song:   To the Floor
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[Intro: Polow Da Don]
Yeah (yeah)
Polow Da Don
Ay tell the waitress
I need a hundred bottles
(LADIES!) Where the ladies at?
Yo, a hundred bottles (ZONE 4!)
Nah really, a hundred bottles
Oh that trip to Miami wasn't nuttin
That was just our first date baby!

[Chorus: Lloyd, Polow Da Don]
Girl, do whatever you like
It's your world, oh girl
Tonight it's on me
Baby tell me what you want
  We in the zone, gone off Patrón
  In the club, in the club, they playin her song
  That's when I slowly approach you like daddy what you know
  Told her girl (hold my drink) then she dropped it down low
  To the flo', to the flo', she took it to the flo'
  To the flo', to the flo', she took it to the flo'
Get lower baby!
  To the flo', to the flo', she took it to the flo'
Oh yeah
  To the flo', to the flo', she took it to the flo'
Get lower, get lower, get lower baby!

[Rich Boy]
Yo, yo, yo
Ooh-wee, look how sophisticated you look in Louie
Like Judge Judy I drop a {?} and do your duty
Let's get some sushi, and just ski on the chatter hoochie
Stop by the crib, come watch a motherfuckin movie
I pop bottles with big girls and all the models
When we leave the party solid bookers they wanna follow
I know you got older man so tell me what I don't know
I'm in my four-do', follow me and my partner Polow
Your girls be all in your business so meet me later solo
I'll do a promo, tourin and wearin Yokomoto
I be ballin harder than motherfuckin Tony Romo
If you worry about the size girl I got a jumbo

[Chorus] w/ Lloyd ad libs

Okay, okay, sittin in the owner's box
And in the Caribbean twistin off Corona tops
I'm sittin down hittin half-court floater shots
Bitches takin pictures because every night's a photo op
Yeah, and nothin has been photo-shopped
I say I'ma buy the bar and they say "Nigga no you're not"
I be satisfied with the percentage that my lawyer got
Makin other people rich is somethin I enjoy a lot
Uhh, can you tell even when your girl won't
I'ma still be feelin me even when the world don't
Shit just change forever, first I get a lot of dough
Then I end up with your woman, that's just how it's gotta go
Yeah, and I could tell her things to treat her right
You could get whatever baby, 'member you and me tonight
Throw the pussy at me, guarantee that you won't see the strike
I'ma hit it hard, you gon' think you Derek Jeter wife
Uhh, tell me, how does that sound?
I could get it ass up or with your back down
Spit that ahh-sookie-sookie in your ear
It's the nigga Rich Boy and the "Rookie of the Year"

[Chorus] w/ Lloyd ad libs

[Outro: Lloyd]
Get low, g-g-go girl {*6X*}
Get low get low get low get low