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Artist: Drake f/ Bun B
Album:  Young Sweet Jones
Song:   Put it Down
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[Bun B]
Now when it come to makin money I'm a printin press
And when it come to bein trill I'm the litmus test
Run it like a fitness test
And when it come to makin +HIStory+ I'm like Joe's son
A million ways to die and you already chose one
A million dollars stacked, it sounds like a good beginnin
We on the top now, go back and tell the hood we winnin
And while you're there, let 'em know I did it just for them
I made 'em cough the cash up and left 'em just the phlegm
Is that the +King of the Trill+? Go tell 'em yes it's him
And his testosterone is up, who's got the estrogen?
I like your girl and I think she like me even mo'
I hit her with that heave and ho and then I'm leavin bro
The Dirty South's finest, and Dirty South's behind this
Now that's a plus on the report card, not a minus
Keep your security blankets because I'm not your Linus
You got a problem with us, you know just the spot to find us

[Chorus: Drake]
Uhh, since you're tellin on me, tell the world 'bout me
Ask your girl 'bout me, she'll probably tell you that I
Put it down, put it down
You know how I put it down, put it down e'ry time I come around
Just bought a car, the nigga Pimp owned it
I threw some tints on it, he would've loved it how I
Put it down, put it down
You know how I put it down, put it down e'ry time I come around

[Bun B]
They know I'm in the Port Arthur state of mind
Southern superstar status, I elevate the grind
My time is money so I put some money on my time
Lightenin on the Breitling, so excitin when you see the shine
We on the level those before us never even thought of
I broke my bread and fed my team just like the Holy Father
I helped the blind to see and kept it G just like I oughta
The only thing that's left for us to do is walk on water
We playin all four quarters 'til the clock expire
So 'til I see the ref wavin I will not retire
My flow is still official, and I still got the fire
Can't take your eyes off me, like when you watch "The Wire"
And in oh-10, we fin' to go in
So let the opposition know that there is no win
And I am no friend, so put your hand down
And tell 'em stand down, before it's man down


Yeah, uhh...
Round, I got a hundred girls in each phone
Drizzy Drake mayne, "Young Sweet Jones"
I never cheat unless you count the girls I cheat on
I know you can't bring every single one you meet home
Homesick just when I thought I was sick of home
Losin track of time, every day we switchin zones
Drizzy Hendrix, I'm just backstage gettin stoned
"Thank Me Later" man, a million copies shipped and gone
Overboard nigga, I'm quoted more nigga
Results are in, I guess you should've voted more nigga
Swimmin in the money, I'll just float ashore nigga
Never drownin, what the fuck you think this boat is for nigga?
Yeah, I'm quick to take an R&B diva out
I'll bring some friends, she bring some friends that know what we about
And when it's done I'll put my slippers on and see 'em out
And tip the driver to make sure he take the scenic route
I swear these women livin like they tryin to write a book after
But I'm just really tryin keep it G for my chapter
Listen to my words, see just what I mean
Rest in peace to Chad Butler, every day I'm +Ridin' Clean+

[Chorus] - 2X