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Artist: Drake
Album:  Young Sweet Jones
Song:   Greatness
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Uhh... I am a distraction
Comin for my spot and I don't signal as I back in
If cash is beautiful then money is attraction
Now I should be a muh'fuckin centerfold in Maxim
Open to my page and admire my desire
Huh, frequent flyer I aspire to retire
My voice stands alone even if I'm with a choir
Got a +Cannon+ on my hip and nigga this is not Mariah
Naw, this the record killer for hire
I sleep and eat with a weapon, the beat is all I require
Look what I created despite the niggaz that hated
Every single bar gettin first forty-eighted
In a state of euphoria, feelin so sedated
Then me and bitch the same, we feelin so related
Forest Hill estated, all Dennis Caded{?}
I put a thousand on it I could probably fuck the waitress
So, wait just take this
One line at a time, make sure it makes sense
White cup, orange pop, Tennessee state shit
Drop a fo' in it and appreciate the greatness
Nigga, ha ha...

I wrote this verse sittin in my new car
Sometimes where you headed is too far, it's more about where you are
And I am, everywhere that you wish you could be
Somebody somewhere just really understood me
Yeah, I dream big, no false hope
My other niggaz move ki's, no off-notes
But understand rich is how we're all endin up
I'm at the label in the elevator, send him UP!