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Artist: Drake
Album:  Views From the 6
Song:   Go Out Tonight
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[You've been home for three whole days
Actin' like you got chores to do
Boy this house is way too clean
I don't think there's nothing more to do
Oh, you don't need that girl, she did it all wrong
You was still you before she ever came along
Get over it, get over it
I mean I understand the pain
Someone did me the same
I just put that nigga in his place then I got over it
Then I got over it and if you wanna know the truth

I think you should just get dressed and go out tonight
Go out tonight
Order you a drink, don't even overthink
Call a couple friends you know you can have some fun with
And go out tonight, go out tonight
Cause you might just meet me

And I'm lookin' for, and I'm lookin' for
And I'm lookin' for somebody to be with
And I'm lookin' for what you're lookin' for
Yeah, you might just meet me