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Artist: Drake
Album:  If You're Reading This It's Too Late
Song:   You & The 6
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Having conversations with mama, man my life is a mess
Ain't been returning the texts, so she been reading the press
She got google alerts, them shits go straight to her phone
She worry bout me from home, you know she raised me alone
She said "I heard you back with you know who"
I told her "Girl I'm always back with you know who"
And she like "Who are we kidding"
"You're only 27 you just being you"
"You're your fathers child man thank god you got some me in you"
At least I always, at least I always see it through
At least I'm always being true to what you taught me
Retired teacher but your words still got me evolving
Never get sloppy drunk, but alcohol is problem solving
And look I hate it when you hate on all my girlfriends
And assistants always convinced that there's always someone better
Like that girl from that gym who trains you
I know you wanna arrange it, you told me she's free thursday
And I'm sure that she's a angel but she don't want this life
The timing ain't right
Maybe one day but even one day with us is a time of a life
We do things that people pay to document
You got the sweetest heart but I'm not here to give out compliments, or boost nobody confidence momma
I got no friends in this momma
I don't pretend with this momma
I'on joke with this momma
I pull the knife out my back and cut they throat with it momma
I'm "Game of Thrones" with it momma
I'm "Home Alone" with it momma
I'm t-
I really hate using this tone with you momma
I really hate getting aggressive on this phone with you momma
I really hate wasting your time to check a clone or two momma
It's just they cloning me momma
Them niggas wannabes momma
Its like - I'm the one they wanna be momma
I just- I- I can't be out here being vulnerable momma
I mean I kill em every time they do a song with me momma
I sing a hook they sing along with me momma
What more they want from me momma?
Yeah, this is a crazy life
But you and the six raised me right
"Don't ever take advice," that was great advice
You and the six raised me right, that shit saved my life

Having conversations with momma, we start talkin' bout dad
You know he dropping a single, he saying this is his window
That nigga still wearing linen, that nigga still in the club
Call him after we get off the phone and show him some love
That nigga memphis for real, girl he love you to death
He made mistakes throughout his life that he still doesn't accept
But he just want our forgiveness, and fuck it look how we living
I'm content with this story, who are we not to forgive him?
At least I been to a prison, at least I know what it's like
I used to rap on the phone, one of his friends doing life
And now I got me a Grammy, that could be part of the reason
Let's just call this shit even, we got some things to believe in
Do you remember back to Weston Road, Scarlett Road?
Hangin' with Aaron Bell and Reny shit could've gone south for me he looked out for me ma
He never let me do drugs
He let me shoot a gun one summer but out there everyone does
He made me listen to his music, old music, soul music
Shit that can only be created if you go through it
I used to get teased for being black, and now I'm here and I'm not black enough
Cause I'm not acting tough or making stories up bout where I'm actually from
But I just roll with it momma, rolling stone with it momma
Gotta be careful around rolling stones or anyone that's tryna throw stones at me momma
I'm not condoning it momma
They will not tear nothing down I built this home for you momma
Know I don't call enough momma
I just been working with so little time for personal momma
Hard labor let me pay the price
You and the six raised me right that shit saved my life