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Artist: Drake
Album:  Thank Me Later
Song:   The Resistance
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[Intro: Drake]
Yesterday when we were gettin high
You were invited, you would've liked it
Uh-uh-I-I know you all too well
I said that we can kiss the past goodbye
But you weren't excited, there's no way to fight it
You could stay but shorty here I go

Uhh, should I spend a weekend in Vegas?
I'm livin inside a moment, not takin pictures to save it
I mean how could I forget, my memories never faded
I can't relate to these haters, my enemies never made it
I am, still here with who I started with
The game needed life, I put my heart in it
I blew myself up, I'm on some martyr shit
Carried the weight for my city like a cargo ship
Uhh, I'm 23 with a money tree
Growin more too, I just planted a hundred seeds
It's ironic cause my mother was a florist
and that's how she met my pops and now my garden is enormous
It's happened in Penny Lane, just like you said
I avoided the Coke game and went with Sprite instead
Uh-uhhh, that's word to the millions that they puttin up
I'm tryin to do better than good enough

[Chorus: Drake]
What am I afraid of?
This is supposed to be what dreams are made of
But people I don't have the time to hang with
Always look at me and say the same shit
They say - you promised me you would never change
Ohh, oh oh, ohh, oh oh, ohh
You promised me you would never change
Ohh, oh oh, ohh, oh oh, ohh (ohhhhh)

Uhh, am I wrong for makin light of my situation? Clap on
When 40 got some shit for me to snap on
Now that I'm on I don't really wanna worry 'bout gettin back on
I'm just tryin to stay on, get my fuckin buffet on
I heard they just moved my grandmother to a nursin home
And I'll be actin like I don't know how to work a phone
But hit redial, you'll see that I just called
some chick I met at the mall that I barely know at all
And, plus this woman that I messed with unprotected
Textin sayin she wish she woulda kept it
The one that I'm layin next to just looked over and read it
Man I couldn't tell you where the fuck my head is, I'm holdin on by a thread it's
like I'm high right now, the guy right now
And you could tell by lookin in my eyes right now
That nothin really comes as a surprise right now
Cause we just havin the time of our lives right now


Well alright, uhh
I live by some advices girl, Lisa told me
The other day Lisa told me that she miss the old me
Uh, which made me question when I went missin
And when I start treatin my friends different
Maybe it was the fast-paced switch-up
or the two guns in my face durin the stick-up
Maybe cause a girl I thought I trusted was who set the whole shit up
or the fact I haven't seen 'em since they locked Big Rich up
I know, but same time I'm quick to forget
I'm 'bout to roll me up a blunt with my list of regrets
Burn it all, burn it all, I'm startin it fresh
Cause half the time I got it right I probably guessed
Did I just trade free time for camera time?
Will I blow all of this money baby, Hammer Time?
Yeah.. I just need some closure
Ain't no turnin back for me, I'm in it 'til it's over