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Artist: Drake
Album:  Take Care
Song:   Marvin's Room
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[Intro: woman on phone]
Hello? Yeah I just walked in
Yeah I'm good, you still workin?
Tonight, right now?
Did I go out? Yeah, I went out
I went, I went to a couple of clubs
I never went to bed, shit
Wine or water
You should see someone about a cold drink
I don't know, I'm delirious, night

Cups of the Rosť
Bitches in my old phone
I should call one and go home
I've been in this club too long
The woman that I would try
is happy with a good guy
But I been drinkin so much
That I'ma call her anyway, say

[Chorus: Drake]
Fuck that nigga that you love so bad
I know you still think about the times we had
I say fuck that nigga that you think you found
And since you pick up I know he's not around, ohh-oh
(Are you drunk right now?)

[Interlude: Drake]
I'm just sayin you could do better
Tell me have you heard that lately?
I'm just sayin you could do, better
And I'll start hatin only if you make me

Uh, cups of that XO
All my people been here
I see all of her friends here
Guess she don't have the time to kick it no more
Flights in the morning
What you doing that's so important?
I been drinkin so much
That I'ma call you anyway and say

[Chorus] + [Interlude]

I think I'm addicted to naked pictures
and sittin talkin 'bout bitches that we almost had
I don't think I'm conscious in makin monsters 
out of the women I sponsored 'til it all goes bad
But shit it's all good
We threw a party, yeah we threw a party
Bitches came over, yeah we threw a party
I was just callin cause they was just leavin
Talk to me please, don't have much to believe in
I need you right now, are you down to listen to me?
Too many drinks have been given to me
I got some women that's livin off me
Pay for their flights and hotels, I'm ashamed
Bad that you know them, I won't say no names
After a while girl they all seem the same
I've had sex four times this week, I'll explain
Havin a hard time adjustin to fame
Sprite in that mixture
I been talkin crazy girl, I'm lucky that you picked up
Lucky that you stayed on
I need someone to put this weight on

{*on phone*}
Well, I'm sorry
(Are you drunk right now?)


{*on phone*}
You not gon' come?
I guess I'm 'bout to just, kick it here then

Just throw up while I hold yo' hurr back
Her white friend said "You niggaz crazy," I hope no one heard that
Yea, I hope no one heard that
Cause if they did we gon' be in some trouble, yea
If they did we gon' be in some trouble
Trouble, ohh-ohh-ohh-ohhh