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Artist: Drake f/ Bun B, Lil Wayne
Album:  So Far Gone
Song:   Uptown
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[Lil Wayne - Intro]

[Drake - Verse 1ne]
Uh... hardly home but always reppin...
You hardly on and always second...
When I'm awake, you always restin...
And when they call you the answer, you are hardly ques-tion
I, I'm doin classic shit in all my sessions
Other niggas' situations, they are all depressin 
That's why I never follow y'all suggestions 
I just always did my own thang 
Now I run the game, you stupid mutha-suckas 
I see all these money through my +Ohio State Buckeyes+ 
Shit been goin good, but good can turn to better 
'Cause you the type to lose 'er, and I'm about to get 'er....

[Chorus: Drake]
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay 
You can run and tell your friends that I'm on
I'm on, I'm on, I'm on, I'm on, I'm on
Best believe I understand it's okay, it's okay, it's okay
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay 
You can run and tell my city I'm on
I'm on, I'm on, I'm on, I'm on, c'mon
You can run and tell my city it's on

[Drake - Verse 2wo]
Yeah... wrong way down a one-way 
Women don't get saved 'round me, even on a Sunday
Damn, where I get it from? These niggas always wonder who 
Then they meet my pop and tell 'em, "Drake is just a younger you" 
And shawty wanna party, so don't let yo' girl up out the house 
or there'll be shots on TMZ of me givin her mouth-to-mouth.. 
Now she's famous and the paparazzi starts to shoot her
I drive two black cars, I named 'em Malcolm X and Martin Luther
I don't ever play, but I'm in the game la-dy 
They just lose to +love+, those are tennis games, lady 
Have you countin money, goin duffle bag crazy 
Sippin on Pink Floyd and puffin Wayne Braaaa-dy
Damn, +Whose Line is it Anyways?+ 
I'm in the daze, you been amazed 
Y'all seem to be stuck on that beginner stage
I'm on fire, yup I've been a blaze 
I got dough to blow, but I wanna blow it right, you look nice 
and yo' frame, makes me wanna bowl a strike, well alright 
Guess I might, know what? Fuck it, yes I will 
I am more than what you bargained for and nothin less than real 
Put it to ya life


[Bun B - Verse 3hree]
Bun B, king of the trill, also one of the dop-est 
Whether the streets or on the mic, I'm dope and yes I'm foc-used 
The gangsta recognize me for my loc-ness, no joke, it's 
time to shake these haters off like the skin of a lo-cust 
or maybe like a py-thon, that's the type o' shit I'm, on 
I wrote this on my i-Phone, so let me drop this i-Bomb 
I, palm the game like it's a Spalding ball and take, flight 
from the free-throw line and slam it down like I'm the great Mike 
Bun n' Wayne n' Drake in here, manye this gon' be a great night 
Look at all these posers bite our swagger like a great white
Try to cross me over I just fake left, then I break, right 
Stupid animal tricks like David Letterman's Late Night 
This that major moment you've been waitin on for too, long 
The best that ever did it and doin it on a new, song
UGK and Young, Mone,y too strong 
Bound to be in the green like a crou-ton, so what the fuck is YOU, on?


[Lil Wayne - Verse 4our]
I am the leather jacket, black glasses, All-American bad boy 
I own the swagga supermarket and you - you just a bag boy 
'cause I got that swag boy, the swag you never have boy 
Hate and I will leave ya chest the color of my flag, boy 
Su-woo bitch, I do this shit 
I'll erase you like I drew you, bitch 
And I keep that toasta, you can come and be my strudel, BIIIIIITCH~!
I'm so Uptown!
and mutha-FUCKA if you ain't, don't +GO+ Uptown, yeaaaah-AHH!!
And now I'm on dat rock shit
But why they let me in? I'ma start shootin in a moshpit
Haha! FUCK is you talkin bout?! 
weezy in ya mouth now, Weezy whatchu talkin booooooooooouuuuut
Young Mula, bayy-BAAAAAAAAAAAY~!


[Lil Wayne - Outro]