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Artist: Drake
Album:  Room for Improvement
Song:   Come Winter
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Yeah, this dedicated to canada man
The whole up north
A lot of people don't realize how cold it gets during the winter
But listen...

[Verse 1]
I met this new girl late june or early july
I called her a bunch of times but she barely replied
Now it's december, I'm driving, and she's like where's my hi?
I swear, that I never called you cause I really get shy
See that was a segue, I believe the matter
Is what happens after the seaon where the leaves just scatter
Where the timb laces get tighter and parka hoods flip up
Drugs dealers standin and they parka hoods slip up
Where girls become exes from summer's caught ho'in
The winter cars come out, the summer cars go in
And some places is breezy, and some it start snow-ing
And if you planning family vacations you better know when
But some mothers scared to send they daughters out the city
Instead she get a sweater that she bought her out of pity
Cause mom stays up late, she seen them videos
Where cancun college students pouring water on their titties!

[Talking: over Chorus]
Yeah man, it's a funny thing going through the winter up here man
A lot of girls y'know, wanna get close. you might think they the one
But just wait, nah mean, take it slow

[Verse 2]
Forget to mention, this girl that never gets to the beach
She lives just west of my street, and so we destined to meet
Since I'm driving, I ask her how to get the suite
She doesn't answer, opens the door and just gets in the seat
She throws her bag in the back, and starts adjusting the heat
She's bold but I roll with it, I'm impressed cause she's sweet
Then she says "I heard your song and I'm obsessed with the beat
I mean, the lyrics are good, but I'm obsessed with the beat
I love it when voyce sings and the chorus is good
There's a couple things in the song that I suggest you repeat"
Off this I'm kinda takin it back for a second
I get her number she tells me to call her after this session
And so I do, and it's kind of awkward, the surface hard to scratch
until we end up sexin and now my heart attached
I'm thinkin off I should've been more southern
And realizing all that she wanted was that indoor lovin and ho!

[Talking: over Chorus]
Yeah, uh, I told ya'll I had a story for you right
uh, ya man, it's what it is

[Verse 3]
And now, I'm proud to have her like montreal to the frizzench
She love to play hurt like carter did on the bizzench
But, my boy say I'm actin different, because I lay downtown
And I still I rush to pick her up from work and fizzench
She tellin everyone imma hold here down
Tell everyone I'm the prince up in this cold clear town
And stupid me I just listen to her,
Instead of wondering if this is really gon' last me the whole year round
But then spring shows up, and it's dallas in this bitch
The weather starts to resemble the holidays she missed
When we were together it seeming like way back when
Ball players hop on the plane and make it way back in
See she used to play piana, and now she never wait for santa
Instead of saving for marriage, she saving for carrabanna
And it's a shame, she had me convinced that she could've been a dime
I guess, I lost another one to the wintertime

[Voice + (Drake)]
I miss you, most of aaaallll, myy daarling [Beat fades out]
(gimme a second to gather my toughts)
[fades back in] strolling in the park (ho!)
And watching winter turn to spriing (such a beautiful day man)
(yeah man, you know we had to switch it on 'em right?)
Strolling in the park, and watching winter turn to spriing
(I'm still standing on two feet, even after this tragic loss)
(man, but I got something to else to tell ya baby)

I remember them encore pms, breakfast and the wake up
Now Drake's committed we waiting on the breakup
So we can get back to them cognac nights
With dress codes and light skinned girls that won't act right
And I laugh cause my previous lifestyle was quite wild
The winter came and blew his cold air through
Back then light sweaters and a couple drinks might get her,
By the end of the week I would know that crew
And we'd assembled a trio, a whole new scene
With three ladies in the shot we never broke routine
At the end of every cut when the cameras are rollin
We had ladie's hearts always gettin damaged and stolen
But this summer is different it's a two man operation
Granted the fact that we one man short
Got love for him he can watch this new man stop a nation
Cause handin' them crack is a one man sport
Instead of dress-up, I walk in sweat pants and chomp clinkin'
I find a girl we step dance and calm drinkin'
The face, the breast, the bras, the toes
I'm still solo and a long night draws to a close
Cause it's a fact, if she come to the crib and I get some ass inside
We'll never talk again, scary and true
That song special I recorded with voyce well it's like a classified
It's what I'm lookin for to carry me through
Yet I can't seem to find a heavy girl that possesses it
Only wants a friendship causing me to forget the shit
And when they talk about they past and lovers
And you get mad at the though of it giving ass to others
Yet you find peace with yourself, now least there's some room to ride
There's also room for improvement as soon as june arrive

Strolling in the park, and watching winter turn to spriing
Strolling in the park, and watching winter turn to spriing
Strolling in the park, and watching winter turn to spriing