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Artist: Drake
Album:  Room For Improvement
Song:   City Is Mine (Extended)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*SOUTHERN SMOKE*} What's goin on? This is your boy Drake
Frequently referred to as the new version of Fresh Prince
And right now, you in the mix with the #1 DJ in the South
DJ Smallz man! {*inhaling*} Yo put your lighters up {*coughing*}
It's Southern Smoke baby! {*more coughing*}

This the record that my backpack underground fans get to get to skippin
Back back, Southern town fans get to tippin
Chasin fat stacks, runnin down grands and submission
I don't back track, e'ry single sound for me different
I don't own no ice, just got clean rap
I don't ever two step, I just rock, lean, snap
We can take it out to Houston where the rides all glossed up
Anybody I'm standin besides all bossed up
Burgular monitor they say I'm servin them rhymers
And me and Nickel F go together like burgers and diners, yes
I'm like a waiter if you somethin like a hater
with trays in both hands, place an order I can cater
Uhh - I got the diamonds in my teeth flow
Memphis is the reason that my rhyming and my speech slow
Peep though, when I get fed up, it's sped up
Ridin through the streets just reclinin in my seat yo
Uhh - them city lights is lookin brighter
It's 3 AM in the mornin and the pen is like a lighter
I'm just a writer flamin pages of a notebook
Mah Rachel McAdams get at 'em when I ignite her
Yup! Soon as a couple plan a trip
You smell gasoline I've been burnin all up and down the strip
Strip I done said it, I give you the unleaded
Just tempt me if you think it's empty, come get it

Yo, the city is mine (which one?)
D-R-A-K-E that's me
You know how the story goes
Pull up, Range Rove, yo chick, wanna roll
And I play myself in the stereo
And I make 'em wanna 
Shake shake it, drop it drop it, bounce it bounce it, wop it wop it
Girl, move that thang like you gettin money for college, go!
Shake shake it, drop it drop it, bounce it bounce it, wop it wop it
Girl, move that thang like you gettin money for college, go!

[Interlude: repeat 4X]
After that - break it down (uh) break it break it down

Break it down like you workin for your tuition at Howard
Mama get it how you live, that thang that you workin is power
Tryin to be generous, so honey here's a tip
Now-a-days it's gettin cheaper to put 20's on the whip
So if you a opportunist look for 20's in the clip
And if you find 'em attractive and funny, that's when you dip, dip
And it's a trip, my city broke into sections
Up North I got me a couple of troubles, couple connections
And it's nothin that I created on purpose
There's people that gotta problem but they scared to let it surface, uh
Ya boy say this, that, and the third to 'em
See me out and they never utter a word to 'em
Expect me not to draw a card from the deck
Anybody in my city goin hard I respect, but
You gotta debt and you choose not to pay that
I'a hop ya fence, come into your yard and collect, lect uh
It ain't a problem of concern bruh
I always end up with exactly what I earn bruh
This ain't last year, money like a cashier
So have your receipt if you tryna make a return bruh
Yessir, I live in a city where a lot of people don't get shine, shine
And, I be on by the fence as soon as anybody steppin out of line, line
And I got way too much love, for the city I can never get too much of
And if anybody hatin on me, I deport 'em, the city is mine boy

[Chorus] + [Interlude]

Break it down