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Artist: Drake
Album:  One Man Show (S)
Song:   One Man Show
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Look, I ain't never had a benzo
Nope, I pushed me an Ac wit the tintzo
Nosey niggas is peakin' in my window
Have a hard time looking
I tell you second hand that's a hard grind cooking
Cause my pop was in it so deep
If his son wanted in it these dealers would probably drop percentage
Instead, I drop bars like I'm two months sober
Its my time now so them you months over

Yeah if I want it I find me a way to get that
I'm trying to get to the point where I can sit back
Took a lot of patience and action
I grind so I'm anticipating relaxing
I'm thinking bout replacing the Jacksons on top of the charts
I don't need brothers fillin' space in the back than.
So from the kid with the sun tan flow
The hottest ticket in town to this one man show

I think that you know as well as I know
Bitches checkin' for me every where that I go
What you gotta understand that it's me I be
Until the motherfucking day that I D.I.E.

[Verse 2]
I can easily make'em admit to bounce back
Without knowing exactly where my accounts at
Yeah you best believe that I often tend to surpass what the rest achieve
So they don't like me and throw parties and yet they never invite me
I can't lie sometime it bother me slightly

Either way the true fans yell
I appear calm and its obvious so who can tell
And no this ain't Blu Cantrell
This is like perfection though we both got the light complexion
Couple things that I do that well
And the way that I Jack-son you think that Drake new Sam-L [As in Samuel Jackson]
I've been real though [?]
They stay kicking it with me like a field goal
See I'm humble but I live vain
With more deals on the table than a bridge game