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Artist: Drake
Album:  Be Grateful Now
Song:   Fall For Your Type
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(Verse 1: Drake)
Can I, can I save you from you
Cause you know there's something missing
And that champagne you been sipping
Not suppose to make you different all the time
It's starting to feel like the wrong thing to do (yeah)
Cause with all that recognition it gets hard for you to listen
To the things I'ma say to make you mine
But live girl, have some fun girl, we'll be fine
Trying to convince myself I found one
Making a mistake I never learned from

(Hook 1x)
I swear I always fall for your type (yeah)
For your type
Tell me why I always fall for your type (yeah oh uh oh)
For your type
I just can't explain this shit at all (*4X*)
I believe in people like you