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Artist: Drake
Album:  Nothing Was the Same
Song:   Paris Morton Music 2 *
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

{*song starts after "Pound Cake" at the 4:16 mark*}

Yeah, uh.. look, fuck all that "happy to be here" shit that y'all want me on
I'm the big homie, they still be tryna lil bro me, dog
Like I should fall in line, like I should alert niggas
when I'm 'bout to drop something crazy and not say I'm the greatest
of my generation; like I should be dressin' different
Like I should be less aggressive and pessimistic
Like I should be way more nervous and less dismissive
Like I should be on my best behavior and not talk my shit
And do it major like the niggas who paved the way for us
Like I didn't study the game to the letter
and understand that I'm not doing it the same, man, I'm doing it better
Like I didn't make that clearer this year
Like I should feel, I don't know, guilty for saying that
They should put a couple more mirrors in here so I can stare at myself
These are usually just some thoughts that I would share with myself
But I thought "Fuck it", it's worth it to share 'em with someone else other than Paris for once
I text her from time to time, she a mom now
I guess sometimes life forces us to calm down
I told her she could live with me if she need to, I got a compound 
but I think she's straight.. cause she supported 
since Hot Beats right before Wayne came and got me out of the backroom 
where I was rappin' with Jazz over beats that I shouldn't have in the hopes for the glory
He walked right past in the hallway
3 months later, I'm his artist, he probably wouldn't remember that story
But that shit stick with me
Always couldn't believe when he called me, you never know, it could happen to you
And I just spent four Ferrari's all on a brand new Bugatti
and did that shit cause it's something to do
Yeah, I guess that's just who I became, dawg
+Nothing was the Same+, dawg