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Artist: Drake
Album:  Comeback Season
Song:   Where to Now
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[Intro: Drake talking]
(Ok, there comes a time) when you gotta be like you know
I've come this far on my own done a lot for myself
Where to now ya know
But I just, I just tell myself this one thing

It was worth it 
It was all worth it
And by this time I understand that I ain't perfect
There ain't a pair of Louis shoes I ain't purchased
And I was on some shit but they served they purpose
And I got verses 
I got verses
My 16s should be arriving in hearses
They get bodied, you see how I murk this
I switch flows much as my girl switch purses
Yeah heartbreak Drake I'll put it on your wife
If I put it in a verse then I put it on my life
Liquor that's over ice and denim that's overpriced
And tryna make all my goals for the future come overnight
Got got got got damn how time soars
I'm tryna get that house in Toronto with pine floors
Come over watch a season of Flight of the Concords
And I try to put some lotion all over your contours
But uh, tell me you surfin' let me know you on board
You can't seal up the bottle once all of the Dom's poured
Yes I swear to God girl I put it on Lord
I'm tryna show you life through the tint on these Tom Ford's
Ethiopian girl Ethiopian girl 
With yo' long curly hair and yo' big ass bootay
Reading all them pro black pro female books
Just let 'em let 'em know that you ain't no groupie
You need a prescription a vision correction
I'm young and successful
I'm living perfection
And mayne if '09 is when I'mma see mine
Being cool ain't enough homie I'mma freeze time 
Like that
(*Beat slows*)