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Artist: Drake f/ Sos
Album:  Comeback Season
Song:   Easy to Please
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Yeah, look...
Me and sos? we from two different walks of life
usually we understand theres a problem we don't talk to vice
the watch is yellowy-green thas sum awkward ice
I never signed for a mill' but been offered twice
I'm awful nice, lyrics that I often write
Spyin no talent rappers to get off the mic
And I could pick you up from work when you get off the night
drop you at the house soon as you get off the pike, man
I flow so cool like autumn nights
When I body this, tell me if the coffin's light
but don't try and tell me that a dolphins white
mislead drake that is not at all polite
It's a shame cause that's how the biz goes
Imagine if these other niggas flop and his blows
Bet I get a co-sign somethin like no time
They'll be trynna sub a nigga in like Quizno's

[Chorus: Sos & Drake]
All I need is sum weight, my scale, sum money for bail
A lil booth at the club for the whole cartel
nigga my drink, my smoke, a bird on E
And somethin heavy on my waist man I'm easy to please
I need my moms, my pa, a bottle of cliqua
the whole ATF you kno who we are..
my women, my money, and leave me the keys
of somethin fast and I'm good man I'm easy to please