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Artist: Drake
Album:  Comeback Season
Song:   Barry Bonds (Freestyle)
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It's what you all been waiting for ain't it
You weakly entertainin
For me to get a hold of this beat
Go ahead claim it
I'mma bout to paint a picture
You niggahs go ahead frame it
Since we gettin sinfeld
With that jerry and elaine shit...
I flow far from medeocer
And if we talking cards I will fold him with the poker
You and your whole crew are like a deck a 54
So it's obvious ya'll be steady rollin with some jokers
And me? I'm rolling with some brokers
Like damn. can you niggahs get any broker?
I got my new girl so content
Just save yourself the ebarresement, don't even aproch her
Disguise your self, go buy a costume
I am making stock works, while you working stock rooms
(ughh) and I was praying I would drop june,
But label reps applying preasure to make them pop tunes
So I keep it rocking for pet sakes
You fake gangsta rappers a clecha
And if you ain't talking dough when you meet drake
I'll be in your face,
Like "no speak a la engliash"
Soon as you hear it you quote it
They try to be the one that I done left out the show with
But trust me I'm aware, and my cars right there
Is this interior enough for ya'll material motives
Cause if you like it ya'll shud stick with me
My money good, I ain't neva had to flip a key
Alotta ice, alotta cream like dickey d
Might cut the phone and disapear like mishy me
But I'mma try and have you on the trip with me
Slid in threw a harry bendale like it's slippery
And your ex mans a hatter oficialy
Probably cause he know I'm exactly what you wish he be
Yeah... that's the reason why he looking hard
Cause I've done snatched the chips ahoy out the cookie jar
He just made cause his gurls at the house
With her tounge stickign out,
Like a Michael Jordan rookie hard
Let me addrres this, parden me while I fix
A couple subliminal lines caught me in the mix
I guess he thought he could of been gotti in the flix
But at this point I'm just pocking a body with a stick
Now a days rapping is a childrens hobby
And grils keep telling me I'm still this snobby
I tell them myself who I am feeling probably
Just because I gotta buzz like a building lobby
It ain't a song that your ass finna skipp
I try'd to sell weed, give me cash for this zip
The way your girlfriend pump me up in the car
Seem like she don't really need no gas for the trip
Millionare shades, fade with the waves
I smurk at a niggah if he still rocking braids
That just let's me know that we ain't on the same page
And that goes out to every niggah except trey...
(eyy) I'm outta here baby, they asked me about the past years and how does it phaze me
I wudnt take it back, naww not if they pay me
Unless you betcha that's expencive cause it's not a?
Spittin a crock pot of bottemless gravy
The shit is so nasty, how is it tasty?
And you can probably find him walking out of a Macy's
Forget it girl, they just thinking how to replace me
Exit with a joke, leave these niggahs some hope
You put the yay beat and put that shit in a joke
Well... I'm thinking I should leave out on this note
Niggah keep your two cents I ain't trynna leave you broke
Life of a don, lights keep gloown
Come up in the club with that fresh shit on
Something crazy on my arm...
And here's another hit Barry Bonds