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Artist: Draft f/ F.R.E.A.K.
Album:  Kiss My Black Amex 12"
Song:   Kiss My Black Amex
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Uh ... Draft ... Freak

It ain't about this it ain't about that it's about a check
If you don't like then
Kiss my black Amex
Time, time to settle the debts people place your bets
If you don't like then
Kiss my black Amex
I got a buck pucker up and
Kiss my black Amex
Shawty knows what's up and
Kiss my black Amex
It's all about a dollar
Kiss my black Amex
So let me hear you holla
Kiss my black Amex

I got mad bucks I hit the stash up and spend that cash up
And use my new black Amex card for backup
Ain't no need to stack up I just hit Saks up
and treat it like a pool table and rack up
This is how it go: Put the merchandise on the counter
then slap the black card down like a domino
Just ask Ben and Big Mo
walking a day in my shoes is like slippin and fallin in a pot of gold
The money I make is just plain irate
if I don't rap no more from this day forward I'm straight
I can get me a G5, a Land Rov, a Bentley
and that's just all off one day
If you gave me 7 I'll hit the reverend charge
all my blessings and pay my way to heaven
A hundred million spent with nothing to show for it
I can run through money but I can never run out of it


Check it out
Fresh C&P jeans fresh Phetus T custom sneaks I'm dressed to a T
White socks fitted F Record pendant Carnivo sippin Cuban cigar clippin
Crib in the Hamptons loft in the city '08 Iconic Claudio himself sent me
You should see how many women it gets me
somewhere between a whole lot and too many
With the black Amex I don't have a price range
I tried to buy the world but they didn't have enough change
At the United Center sittin next to dame
last time I did that they almost put me in the game
It's a shame cause my main chick can even get charged
cause shorty it ain't nothin to buy me a new broad
So if you wanna act like a retard kiss my black Amex card ... Au revoir


It's Draft ... F Records baby ... Yeah ... Freaky crazy for this one