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Artist: Deepspace 5
Album:  The Night We Called It A Day/Uprok Records Mixtape, Vol. 1
Song:   Stick This in Your Ear
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"D" to the double "E" "P" space5
Times 2, ten ways to fly with free stage dives
Live and direct and everybody's right here
So tag this on your soul and stick it down into your ear
"D" to the double "E" "P" space5
Times 2, ten ways to fly when we stage dive
So, bring it over here, yeah that's the ticket
Just lend us your ear and we'll show you where to stick it.

[Verse 1: Playdough]
My book of notes for quotes where my brain think
It rains ink every time my words dance
You hearing chance from a deepspace brother
The weak take cover under umbrellas of rockafellas, tales of ice
And pipe dreams, we write things in panoramically scripts
We flip dynamic lips and touch pens
Inside my journal where the words are eternal
So forever they last while yours pass with the last catch
Phrase, I plays with Bic to stick men
When we sparring with no physical touch but mic clutch
So keep it on while we're pushing onward we spawn words
Reflecting on diseased emcees we done conquered
I've taken friends and foes with amateurs and pros; we're so sorry
Your wack verse can't compete with passion
That burns in me so fervently that's why we on eternity chase
Throughout deepspace, I take first place in rate race
While you was last place, we gas face
And leave you bare-footed
Then show the listener where they can roll it up and put it


[Verse 2: manCHILD]
Manchisidek, get respect, here to stretch your intellect
The punchline is there's no punchline, but you don't get it yet
Here to set it straight and maybe get it off my chest
Could never read your mind, so label me illiterate
Put my verses versus your verses deep below the surface
Deepspace5. I hope you appreciate your purchase
Because art without an audience pretty much defeats the purpose
And rapping by myself only tends to make me nervous
But let me in your ear, I'll wander around and then some
Swim in the canal and maybe beat upon the drum
I could swing from lobe to lobe to the rhythm of a strobe light
Whisper sweet nothings through the distortion of an old mic
Van Gogh type sound slice up in your space
Because we love the way you listen plus the look on your face
I made time stand still, history repeat itself
I picked a fistfight with the future but she hits below the belt
Felt the sting with every breath I took and never missed you
Supersonic honesty honestly just to get through
Jump through your headphones with every word I utter
Hope and pray they don't go in one and out the other.


[Verse 3: The Listener]
It is just not fair comma how you can apostrophe "T" process this
So dash called sagua faire comma in the air exclamation
Trying to be compatible so hyphen to dash speak semicolon
With my quotation quotables colon
You love who you are period. I love who I am period
But when it comes to liking parenthesis yourself
You have a question mark, period, new paragraph
I have a solution semicolon I have a fresh point
Dash of hyphen view period
I apostrophe "M" punctuating boundaries ampersand, ALL CAPS
Can I speak to you quotations mentally underscore evidently
Ellipses, end line... Tab
It is so hard to re dash invent myself to a platform
That you can italics understand period
That you can digest comma ampersand
Holding your hand comma why Question mark
Am I the quote infection that keeps your head dash
Aching period. Parenthesis
If you would listen to the synnergies of my thoughts semicolon
It would keep your quote foundation from shaking exclamation
So, ALL CAPS bold this is for your ear comma for your head comma
And for your thoughts
Just cram it in far and you will see dot dot dot


Cotton balls, Q-tips, toothpicks, pencils
Headphones, lint, deepspace instrumentals
Flapjacks, eye drops, cigarettes, wine
Whoopee cushions, push pins, deepspace rhymes
Some could probably hurt you and some are just fine
Deepspace5, we're in your ear every time
Some could probably hurt you and some are just fine
Deepspace5, we're in your ear every time.

[Hook] Repeats