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Artist: Deepspace 5
Album:  The Night We Called it a Day/Uprok Records Mixtape, Vol. 2
Song:   Murder Creek
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[Verse 1: The Listener]
I carry my heart in a name-brand box with a handle
A suitcase, briefwould be an over-exaggeration
Many vandals have ravaged and torn at the toughest of my armored skin
Eventually, I'll be able to tear back the masses
Stomach to walls of hurt within, smiling deadly slant-toothed grins
With so much tactic, it's the saddest of sights, I confess
But the loss of a tongue would be the end of all destruction
And all countless empathetic waverings
Sung timidly, but in the end, it's my doubt, yes
That overshadows my victory and a war against all the fears
That I've already conquered, I sit defeated and cry
Wondering why they're here and who took them from the cell?
And who has the key? I see it pressed deep in the palms of greed
Chuckling at my misfortune, Murder Creek
Is the place to go and drink, the scene is set, dig deep
Grip mud on the banks and drain your emotions until you weep

[Chorus 2x]
On the banks of Murder Creek where it hurts hearts to speak
I wonder if it's worth all the nights I've lost sleep
Still at peace with the breeze that the globe's been given
We'll dredge Murder Creek to keep this life worth living

[Verse 2: Sintaxtheterrific]
It's the Terrific and I'm picking up plastic from the highway
If you love to litter, wave your can and sling it sideways
Got some Styrofoam? Burn it in your driveway!
Join me felling forests on every other Friday
My way of living is beginning to get me torn
I was born for mass consumption plus I love to global warm
When I perform I form a coastal storm
Even the greenhouse affected, my breath is above the norm
Cursed Mother Earth to scorn and treaded upon her beauty
Looked creation in her eyes and refused to let her move me
I made a movie just to mock the many who really care
Brought kerosene to Earth Day and I burned the forest bare
Then blare my boombox just to noise pollute the air
Knee deep in Murder Creek where the river runs red
Head on river bled but I was fed by blackbird
Now the whispers in the wind tend to blow backwards
And the grass turns brown and the trees don't grow
And the sky hits the ground and the river runs low
There's more to this life than getting what you want
But we've got Mother Nature bound in the trunk
What's known of God is manifest in His creation
Defacing the earth is disrespecting His reputation
Man is without excuse when the message is so blatant
Defacing the earth is disrespecting His reputation

[Chorus] 2x

[Verse 3: Sev Statik]
My thoughts recycle themselves before I spit my flow
I bring light to a planet to fill up these black holes
Wack flows get thrown out the session, blessings are real
I speak life; my mic held high, never concealed
But out the mouths of men, death is heavily manifested
Consequences echo blind through the vision of mankind
It's the image of self made tangible in these last days
Palms disconnected, infected with man-praise
Dead words with flesh erode out the alphabet
Before meaning is found, ya'll making that sound
Take back those things you never meant, said in vain
Hate comes in triplets, so I'll hold 3 scopes and take aim
Murder in the name of God, venom is now spit
I can't listen to most rappers, cause they ain't saying nothing
So I sit and wait for my Labklik tape
Soon to be on CD, press play and rotate

[Chorus] 2x