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Artist: Doap Nixon f/ Reef the Lost Cauze, Vinnie Paz
Album:  Sour Diesel
Song:   The Wait Is Over
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) Reef
Yeah, Lost Cauze, Doap Dixon
Uh, the Army in here
Salute me, yeah

[Reef the Lost Cauze]
Uh, fuck wit my brotha Doap and I'ma cut his throat
We definition representin', what is Doap?
What is hope when ya faith get tested?
Yeah, what is coke when the weight ain't stretchin'?
Yeah, what is hate when the hatin' ain't affectin'?
A buncha mad niggas we comin' for mad figgaz
That upset money, that coke and wet money
That Frank Lucas buried under the steps money
This fiscal like a breath wit a whisle
I'm from where young buls can't read but they rep wit their pistols
Yeah, respect is an issue but neva wit mines
Y'all funkies get away the shit but neva wit crimes
Stick knock like a pregnant jawn
I'm fenna rawn show 'em
Flatten ya face use it to eat my breakfast on
Your lyrics is wack they disrespect the song
Crush kill everyone, that's why my checks is long

(Hook) Samples scratching 2x
"The waitin' is ova" - Jadakiss
"Kill these mothafuckaz" - Nas
"Here comes this crazy soldier" - Nas
"Takin' ova" - Jadakiss
"I don't stop squeezin' till ya face's ova" - Jadakiss

[Doap Nixon]
Yeah, I'm on their heels Reef, yo, let's go

Yo, y'all niggas is average learnin' to crawl
Producers is mad ass, we don't return ya calls
Ya emails get deleted so beat it
Ya helps is not needed, Knowledge itself completes it
Divine cipher power slid in this game nice
Signed a deal burnt my advance on the same night
(Let's go) This game so foul, so many cats
So many petty labels, so many traps
Ya moms shoulda put you in a school wit clean clothes
Dudes ova here hit gold wit mean flows
I'm in a ill Reef stay on the road
the Pharaohs doing shows, I got that year on the stove
(Let's go) My whole life felt like I'm stuck at a stoplight
But seein' how the hustlaz got that money to wash right
Me and Reef came from the nights we slang white
To spittin' out Bangkok, rippin' the same mic

(Hook) Samples scratching 2x

[Vinnie Paz]
Yeah, ain't nobody fuckin' wit the .38 on my waist
And when that bulldog bark it'll lay you to waste
I ain't fuckin' around wit ya, y'all need to stay in ya place
And the vest ain't gonna help you God I aim at the face
Y'all ain't doin' shit original fam
And my gun is the same color as The Original Man
I caught a body and I put the shit to digital cam
That shit you makin' ain't a hit it's just a pitiful jam
Yeah, ayo Doap cuzin' hit 'em wit the .40 glock
Make his body levitate and he can do a dome wit 'Pac
Y'all mothafuckaz should just take this as a warnin' shot
I'm bout to celebrate, I heard about the fallin' cop
Y'all think y'all could fuck wit Paz yet it's not hardly
I put your name in the obituary - John Tardy 
My whole cipha should be dreaded like we Bob Marley
And it ain't anotha human that's Master Farad Godly

(Outro) Vinnie
Brrrrrrrrttt.... fuckin' cock sucka --- AOTP
Sour Diesel, what the fuckin' deal niggas